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VAPER EXPO WHYYOUR SUPPORT MATTERS THE VAPER EXPO UK SIMPLY WOULDN’T HAPPEN TWICE A YEAR WITHOUT THE FOLLOWING OF THE CLOSE-KNIT BRITISH AND INTERNATIONAL VAPE COMMUNITY. Look at the vast amount of stands here this weekend. Every aspect of the industry is represented at what can only be compared to an open mic night, where everyone has a chance to put their show on and have their moment in the spotlight. Exhibitors represent all companies in all sizes, from all corners of the globe. With this being the seventh expo here at the NEC, Vapouround is as proud to be associated with the Vaper Expo now as we were in year one three years ago. Together with Lee, Jay, Alyson and the rest of the Vaper Expo clan, we are thrilled to continue our relationship with this original trade show which represents the very best the UK vaping industry has to offer. The beauty about this industry hub is this: everyone is given a platform here, from e-liquid brands to hardware to coil builders and scientists. There are people here this weekend who got into this sector even before this expo or Vapouround Magazine were born and there are those of you who have start-ups, getting your hands dirty here for the first time. It doesn’t matter where you come from, the size of your business or how long you’ve been 116 | THE VAPER EXPO up and running – all that matters is you have this weekend as a stage to express yourself and when you return next May, or next October, you’ll have a whole new perspective of what it means to exhibit at the Vaper Expo UK. Without chances like this and the passion of vapers, the vape landscape in this country wouldn’t be the same for either of our organisations. From the organi sers’ poi nt of vi ew, after months of planning, this weekend represents an accumulation of hard work and strenuous effort fusing together. At each show there is always a new challenge that is thrown up, unbeknownst to passers-by on the red carpet. These obstacles are always overcome. We’re so proud to be working in an industry that is ever evolving, may it continue to spiral and expand as it has been in recent years. We’re grateful to our loyal exhibitors and visitors because without you the Vaper Expo wouldn’t be as fantastic and exciting as it is for all involved. See you in May when we’ll do it all again. The Vaper Expo Team & The Vapouround Team