Vapouround magazine VAPER-EXPO-SHOWGUIDEOCTOBER - Page 113

What advice do you have for the up and coming businesses among readers? Stay true to your brand and study the vape community to learn what vapers truly enjoy. A lot of people make flavours that they like, rather than trying to adjust to the market they are selling for. When you make flavours you know the community loves, you can’t lose, because at the end of the day it’s about what vapers want. What are your plans and upcoming projects for the near future, and which market trends (domestically and internationally) have informed these? We know how much people love our dessert flavours, so you can anticipate the arrival of Cookie Twist this fall! As the seasons change, we feel that the market starts to crave dessert vapes, and that those flavours tend to sell best in fall and winter. With that information, we thought that it was time to bring that element to the Twist family. For more information, contact our UK sponsor Vape Distribution: or contact Twist HQ directly: THE VAPER EXPO | 113