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VAPER EXPO a Flying Visit:Twice in one year Vape advocate The Vaping Bogan returns to the Vaper Expo UK from Down Under How often have you travelled to the UK for a vape expo? I travelled over to the last expo in May this year, as my first ever vape convention and it was absolutely awesome! What are you most looking forward to over the weekend? I’m really excited to catch up with some of my fans and supporters. Without them I wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to events like the Vaper Expo. I feel I owe them a lot and want to give them an opportunity to come hang out. I’m also super pumped to hang with some fellow reviewers again. It’s quite a big thing for someone to fly to Birmingham from Australia for a trade show. You must hold the show in high esteem? Yeah, unfortunately Australia doesn’t have vape conventions like the rest of the world, I think mainly due to our nicotine restrictions stifling growth in the industry. I had such a blast at the May show so I was very keen to come back and jumped at the opportunity to go again soon. There aren’t too many who have made the journey to the Vaper Expo from the Southern Hemisphere in the past. Are Australians interested in the UK vape industry and the expo? Oh yeah, I’m sure there are tonnes of Aussies who would love to come over to an expo. I don’t think many have made the trip due to the cost and travel time. Our Aussie dollar is pretty poor against the pound. It’s another reason I like to come over, gives me an opportunity to show the Aussies what these events are like via my travel vlogs. Here in the UK, we see the struggle vapers in Australia face. Do you think vaping nicotine e-liquids there will be legal and/or regulated at some point in the future? Yeah, the pre-existing laws around the sale of nicotine has definitely had an effect on how accessible nicotine is for us and thus slowed growth. It’s forcing people to import their own nicotine concentrate which I think makes it less accessible to start vaping. Pressure has been mounting on the federal government to change this and bring in some regulations. They have just announced they are doing an enquiry into industry with the intention of regulations. Hopefully this brings some positive changes and legalisation of nicotine e-juice sales. But the Australian government has a history of knee jerk, nanny state over regulation. So it’s going to be an interesting next couple years. Which is why it’s a really important time for Aussie vapers and smokers looking to quit to stand up and make our voices heard. THE VAPER EXPO | 107