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VAPER EXPO THE VAPER EXPO UK SHOW AWARDS HOW THE BEST VAPE SHOW HONOURS ITS BEST CONTRIBUTORS WITH WORDS FROM MAY’S BIG WINNERS The fun and frenzy of the Vaper Expo UK peaks on Saturday. Though 24 hours removed from its B2B-only opener amidst a frenzied, chaotic storm of giveaways, announcements celebratory declarations and loud music brought to us by vaping’s biggest personalities and mascots, May’s Vaper Expo welcomed back Johnnie Lovell of BH Vape and Ashley Hansen from Strawberry Queen. Many fondly know this duo as the faces of vaping industry presentation, where they have overseen the opening of the expo, and hosted the annual Vapouround Awards. Once again, they guided a captive audience through a highly energetic ceremony with a mix of chemistry, humour and improvised antics. Right in the midst of the action and with hundreds of eyes on them, the duo delivered again. It was everything we needed from the awards: taking advantage of Saturday’s record-setting attendance, splaying the limelight over companies of every size and age, making new stars and reaffirming the leaders in the vape industry – and reminding consumers and vendors how good we’ve got it, how much we have to be thankful for. All winners were invited up to bask in the cheers and adulation of the expo’s dedicated vapers, giving speeches and taking home trophies. 104 | THE VAPER EXPO