Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 99

F E AT U R E “The very first day I began Vaping, all the smoking and dipping was history or the end of a former lifestyle of abusing tobacco. So, yeah, Vaping most definitely works and has vastly reduced harm in my life.” during the regular season, I would dip tobacco to give my lungs a rest. The very first day I began Vaping, all the smoking and dipping was history or the end of a former lifestyle of abusing tobacco. So, yeah, Vaping most definitely works and has vastly reduced harm in my life. Given how much Vaping has evolved at such an unyielding rate, I’m continually impressed with the technological ments I see today, I can not even begin to imagine what the market would be like if Vaping was around for over 20+ years now. Regardless, it’s evolving nature is relentless and meaningful. Not only does the market continually evolve in technological features, but as a Vaper, you also evolve. Considering this, Vaping, as it evolves has been able to accomplish enormous feats and reach unimaginable heights among wider society. Not only has it been proven to be one of the greatest breakthroughs moving towards the answer of a harm reduction approach for smoking cigarettes, but it has also brought together so many people who may have never met otherwise. Vaping is extremely sociological because vapers are indeed very sociable, eager to learn new things and interested in meeting new people. The Vaping Community has amazed me in so many ways. I have met countless individuals with a number of the same thoughts and beliefs I tend to have. In article, Smokeless Cigarettes – Slapping Excuses Around and Giving Real Cigarettes a Black Eye, he asks, “So what is the big deal about E-cigarettes and why is vaping catching on in a big way?” First off, this is a very logical and significant question to be asking. It is very similar to one of the very first questions I ask any Vaping industry business owner that I interview for my own articles. Wilters continues, “There are several reasons for this. First, since it is not using smoke to dispense the nicotine, it is automatically safer compared to regular or conventional cigarettes. Second, as mentioned before, it is vapor that the smoker inhales as well as exhales. This means the vapor will immediately dissolve into the air. This in turn means that there are no second hand smoke issues to deal with. An E-cigarette is allowed in many public places where conventional cigarettes are not allowed” (The Sequitur Website). It is extremely important to remember to be persistent when asking questions if you want to learn, especially if you want to learn about something you've been misinformed about, which is often the case with Vaping. A new report released by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), Nicotine without smoke: tobacco harm reduction, should provide hope and inspiration to smokers, that vaping is a practical option for quitting cigarettes. The American Vaping Association (AVA) states that, “the 200 page report concludes that in the interest of public health, it’s important to widely promote vapor products and other non-combustion tobacco/nicotine products as substitutes for cigarettes. The extensive analysis also estimates that vapor products likely pose no more than 5% of the risks associated with cigarettes, with the authors further noting that the actual figure may be substantially lower.” The AVA goes on to explain, “Among the key messages in the exhaustive report is that any potential risks of vapor products must be compared against those posed by smoking. Some harm from sustained exposure to low levels of toxins over many years may yet emerge, but the magnitude of these risks relative to those of sustained tobacco smoking is likely to be small" (TO BE CONTINUED)... “Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.” VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 93