Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 93

F E AT U R E waiting at baggage claim, I noticed a gentleman who was vaping. We struck up a conversation and he invited me to join him the next day at the booth of one of the vendors at the expo, Continuous Current, to check out some of their products. The first day of an expo is usually just Business to Business, so the general public wasn’t allowed in. That didn’t deter me though, I told myself I was still going to go. After I talked to a few people at the door, they switched my badge from public to vendor, told me to have fun, and that's exactly what I did. After meeting Kyle Kruger, the owner of Continuous Current, I felt very much at home and I started to feel like the risk I took was paying off. Before attending the expo, I had formed a vaping company, DUVO, with my friend Shane Palladino and my girlfriend Cory Hetherton. When I got home from the Las Vegas event, I got a call from Continuous Current and we discussed working together on some projects. Once we began collaborating with Continuous Current, it opened the door for us to work with many other companies. DUVO is an acronym that stands for DRIPPED UP x VAPED OUT; we drew our inspiration from the vaping lifestyle and to us, DUVO is just as much a lifestyle as it is a brand. We have collaborated with the some of the best companies in the industry, like Continuous Current and Vapor City Sauce. Producing our DUVO LIMITED CLOTHING CO. line, Limited Edition Continuous Current Manhattan V2 buttons, DUVO PREMIUM ELIQUID, and our Cloud Comp and Event Hosting Company, CLASH OF THE CLOUDS, we have seen levels of success we never could have anticipated. DUVO has given all of us an outlet that has the ability to reach so many people. After traveling, emceeing events, and seeing the heart of the industry first hand, I can say it’s something worth fighting for. The reward of sharing a sense of unity with people from all walks of life is encouraging and puts perspective on things. On top of it, we get to meet our supporters and work with companies that represent great integrity “BEFORE ATTENDING THE EXPO, I HAD FORMED A VAPING COMPANY, DUVO, WITH MY FRIEND SHANE PALLADINO AND MY GIRLFRIEND CORY HETHERTON. WHEN I GOT HOME FROM THE LAS VEGAS EVENT, I GOT A CALL FROM CONTINUOUS CURRENT AND WE DISCUSSED WORKING TOGETHER ON SOME PROJECTS. ” in the industry; and the opportunity to turn up a few times a month, isn’t bad either. Whenever I host an event and hear people say things like, “that was the best comp I've ever been to” or, “you were great on stage, you really had the crowd going”, I know that everyone in the building is having a great time. Without vaping, none of this would be possible. I’m Joey Jux. An entertainer, MC, dad, VP, philanthropist, and avid vaper. VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 87