Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 84

F E AT U R E Nighthawk Brings Military Precision to Eliquid Design and Flavour Striking fighter pilot theme sets Nighthawk apart from the competition and draws on owner Luke Tschantz’s Military & Aviation Background. Nighthawk Eliquid boss Luke Tschantz is proud to do things just a little bit differently in the vaping industry. For a start, setting up the business in Atlanta, Georgia, when the majority of the top US eliquid companies are located in California is a little bit different. This could be seen as a disadvantage by some but for Chief Executive Officer Luke Tschantz it is a positive advantage which allows him to have an edge over the competition. Being based in Atlanta means that Luke had the opportunity to represent the southeastern side of the country in the vaping industry and he took full advantage of this fact. Luke said: “Most of the major e-liquid companies are based o ut of California and there's really no up-and-corning 78 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA e-liquid companies in the Southeast.” “You have Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina all here and I was determined to give the southeastern side of the U.S. something to root for, something to call their home e-liquid company.” This is why most of the flavor profiles at Nighthawk Eliquid have a distinct southern feel to them such as the Arnold Palmer Lemonade Iced Tea, Peaches and Cream and Caramel Cinnamon Roll. The idea is to incorporate into the eliquids some of the very traditional southern flavors that so many people in the Southeast enjoy. Luke added: “That’s what makes us different, and we're proud to represent Atlanta. There's a big vape community that kind of gets overshadowed by the California vape scene, but the people here are really passionate about it and we are really passionate about the products we create.” Perhaps the first thing that people notice about Nighthawk Eliquid is the really clear branding and the obvious military theme and this is no coincidence. Luke wanted a strong, powerful and unique brand which had meaning and which he felt would resonate with the vaping community and drawing upon his military background was an obvious choice. He grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, joined the Army after high school, gained a degree in aeronautical science and got accepted to the United States Navy to pursue his dream of becoming a fighter pilot. Sadly a minor back injury disqualified