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VV V A P O U R O U N D A G A Z I N E The UK and Ireland’s Leading Vape Lifestyle Magazine EDITOR: Paul Caplin IT MANAGER: Steve Tarpey Sales Manager: Dave Turner SALES EXECUTIVES: Katie Loomes Kerrie Costello Connor Leach Shelia Tole GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Matthew King Hayley Parker Tom Kibble Martin Priest James Parnell JOURNALISTS: Patrick Griffin Ria Amber-Tesia Tony Ottomanelli II Joey Jux FINANCE: Joanne Palfreyman GUEST REVIEWERS: Alex Shenker Peach Atkinson FRONT COVER IMAGE SUPPLIED BY Products in this magazine may not be used, bought or reviewed by any individual under 18 years old. Vapouround does not support the use of e-cigarettes and devices for individuals under the age of 18 years old; by reading this magazine, you are indicating that you are over 18 years old. Vapouround does not endorse the inappropriate application or misuse of nicotine, smoking or product abuse of any form. We do not claim that e-cigarettes and nicotine devices will help cure smokers’ nicotine addiction and as such, we cannot take responsibility for any effect products advertised in our magazine may have on users’ nicotine consumption. There is no guarantee that products in this magazine including e-cigarettes and nicotine devices will stop you smoking. The opinions in this magazine are solely those of the writers. Vapouround takes no responsibility and rejects all liability for third party reviews or opinion pieces by external agencies. All trademarks, registered or otherwise of products in this magazine are the property of respective owners. To use trademarks, please contact the company directly, who will advise you further. 6 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA LETTER FROM THE EDITOR Welcome to this special edition of Vapouround Magazine USA. This edition has been produced especially for the World Vaper Expo 2016 and we are sure this is going to be an absolutely fantastic event indeed. We are so proud to be one of the official media partners at such a prestigious event and we are delighted to be able to share our content with so many US-based vapers. The UK edition of the magazine has gone from strength to strength and we have always had a huge following with American vapers who picked up our magazine at various shows and events. After so many requests from people asking where they could get their own copy we decided to produce a special edition to coincide with the World Vaper Expo. This magazine is the result of all our hard work and we hope you enjoy what we have put together for you. We always have fun when we attend events around the world and enjoy connecting with so many people within the industry. World Vaper Expo is an event we particularly love attending so if you see any of the Vapouround Magazine team during the weekend then be sure to stop by and say ‘hi’ to us all. We would also love to hear about what you think about the magazine and your thoughts on the state of the current vaping industry. Certainly we are in very challenging times indeed with vaping and vaping related products being increasingly subjected to some quite draconian levels of regulation. It is one thing imposing quality standards to protect the public from harm but it is another thing entirely by imposing levels of regulation which could decimate the entire industry and drive vaping underground. One of the great things about this industry is how people all over the world have positive stories to tell about how e-cigarettes saved their lives by getting them off traditional cigarettes. This has repeatedly been backed up by research which says that vaping is far safer than traditional smoking. So let’s have responsible, proportionate and logical legislation to protect people from harm but let’s not risk destroying an entire industry by classifying vaping products as tobacco products. We don’t want any more lives lost to smoking but if vaping is regulated out of existence then, sadly that is exactly what could happen. Paul Caplin | Editor vapouround