Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 78

F E AT U R E DIARY OF A VAPER with Pa ul Caplin | Vapouround Editor t the age of 15 my friend and I used to sneak into his Italian au pair’s room and steal a 20 pack of Rothman Cigarettes out of her duty free. These were probably one of the most disgusting brands of cigarette out at that time, but for two teenagers thinking that smoking was cool and made you look hard, it didn’t actually matter what brand of cigarettes we smoked. Little did we know that we were about to embark in a lifetime of addiction, anti-social behaviour and that smell of old cigarette smoke that would neither look cool or hard. Fast forward 25 years and I can A free from the dreaded tobacco addiction. This new found freedom is wonderful, exhilarating and I feel that I have gained my life back, also it is down to one thing and one thing only…vaping. My wife is a non smoker and for years she has been constantly urging me to quit. When our children were born she turned up the pressure and, in the end, resorted to telling me how disappointed she was with me that I could not quit smoking. And while I knew that disappointed wives are much worse than angry wives, I didn’t want to or feel the need to quit, even though I knew all the potential health risks to myself and others. As a smoker, my nights out were on the whole spent outside clubs and 72 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA bars, socialising with other anti-social smokers, who had been banished to a small shelter usually by the bins outside a club or bar. This was my life and I could not see it changing any time soon or indeed ever show and it was during a few drinks with the Vapouround team on the Saturday night that it happened. I remember dragging everyone outside in the cold to drink their drinks so a couple of us could have our necessary commenting on the fact that I could lose my legs – referring to an article that we had covered in the magazine. This subconsciously hit home I think, but at the time I just took it as jovial banter. We then continued the evening and went on to the after party event. I spent most of the night inside the club discussing business with potential clients, vaping and drinking as we went along. As the night came to an end and we left the club, a sudden realisation came to me. I had just spent about three hours inside a club and never wanted or even thought about having a cigarette. This got me thinking, if in my most vulnerable and susceptible state towards smoking cigarettes (on a night out relaxing and drinking) I wasn’t interested or thinking about smoking, then I am sure that there must be something in this vaping even though I really wanted to quit smoking. However things did change and this happened in July this year when Vaper Expo UK at the NEC was in full swing. We were in Birmingham covering the I had a vape stick for a week or two previously but it never seemed to work, I seemed to need both the e-cigarette and the regular cigarettes I was so used to. I then spoke to some contacts of mine in the business and they explained that I was obviously vaping the wrong strength nicotine. They told me what to use and