Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 73

F E AT U R E VAPING ADVOCACY GROUPS TAKE FIRM STANCE ON Irresponsible Labeling of e-liquids Part I W o r d s & P h o t o s b y To n y O t t o m a n e l l i I I L abeling e-liquids can certainly be challenging. Things to consider when labeling your e-liquid include health warnings, age requirement, ingredients, flavor profile and the amount of nicotine inside. However, the most important aspect of designing a label, especially considering the current controversy surrounding Vaping, is to make sure that it cannot be considered appealing to children. The reason why the image of the vape industry needs to be reputable is because criticisms might harm the changes that Vaping is making to society. Vaping has been strategically thrown under the Public Health sector’s microscope with the FDA shining a spotlight on it, salivating at the chance to pass harsh regulations on the entire industry, greatly affecting this consumer-driven resolution towards are reduction of tobacco abuse. Yet, Vaping has very recently been given some of the respect it deserves. A recent report released by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), Nicotine without smoke: tobacco harm reduction addresses the concerns that e-cigarettes will increase tobacco smoking by renormalizing the act of smoking. Other concerns are that Vaping may act as a gateway to smoking for young people, and be used by smokers as only a temporary rather than permanent cure. RCO concludes, “To “Cartoon marketing is a sad attempt at nostalgia, while it may not be appealing to all kids even one is too many and as vapers we need to speak with our money and not support companies who take part in this activity.” Acceptable, Elegant Labeling date, there is no evidence that any of these processes are occurring to any significant degree in the UK.” There has also been a study funded by our own Food and Drug Administration from seven international tobacco control experts, which concludes the FDA should tread lightly when it issues its first-ever set of rules on this unregulated $3.3 billion industry in the next few weeks. But there is always a catch somehow. For instance, While e-cigarettes might improve lives, they also may entice children to take up the nicotine habit – especially when the industry is targeting them with advertising and kid-friendly flavor varieties. As it spells out the wonky aspects of testing requirements and health and safety standards, the FDA must lay down the law on the industry’s odious and persistent efforts to draw in the VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 67