Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 65

F E AT U R E Tobacco Menthol You’re a not easy to please traditionalist, preferring all things old school and have zero time for things like selfies and other contemporary fads. What makes you tick? A desire to stand by your principles whilst steering clear of trends that you know won’t stand the test of time (you KNEW those hover-boards were a flipping menace). You love your no-nonsense, zero-frills mod and accompanying tobacco flavoured vape. You’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind and wish there were more straight-talking vapers like you around (we frankly couldn’t agree more)! If you love to be minty fresh all the time, you’re an independent soul who leads the way where others prefer a safer, tried and tested path. You will always look out for your friends, and have a fiercely protective streak, which may ignite your inner Hulk for a sudden outburst. You don’t like taking orders from others, yet underneath the strong, brooding exterior lies a sensitive side that you keep well hidden. You’re not afraid to speak your mind and can be used to getting your own way, with your magnetic personality. Vanilla If you like a sweet, vanilla vape, you’re no doubt clever, imaginative and witty. Far from being ‘boring’ vanilla, your multi-layered personality means you can appreciate the company of a wide spectrum of people, from shy “won’t say boo to a goose” bods, to the Kardashian types who were born taking selfies and want the attention of the world. Your adaptable nature means you are pretty much prepared for anything, even a zombie apocalypse. Chocolate If chocolate is your vape of choice (good call by the way), then you’re no doubt inventive, original and a smidgeon rebellious. You may give off a persona of being ‘cuddly and cute’ but you also have sharp claws, reserved for those who annoy you on a regular basis. To those who really know you, you couldn’t be a better friend, especially in times of crisis. Your unconventional thinking means being you, and being with you, is a tremendous journey. What’s your favourite vape? Have we made a fair prediction? We’d love to know! Get in touch by Tweeting us your comments @Vapouround, using hashtag #EliqPersonalityPredict. VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 63