Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 64

F E AT U R E What does your E-LIQUID say about you? Do you judge a book by its cover... or a person by their vape? Apparently you only get seven seconds to make a first impression, and checking out someone’s e-liquid and making snap judgements, is as natural as breathing. With gazillions of different juices to choose from, what’s floating your vape boat, may form part of your image. What flavours do you vape? Here’s our fun guesstimate on what your e-liquid says about you. Read on, you may just be surprised and learn a little bit more about yourself. Cof fee Is your breakfast vape a coffee flavoured e-liquid? Vapers who dig coffee and like to layer up coffee flavours with a latte in one hand, coffee flavoured vape in the other, are known to be creative, fun and a little bit impulsive. You’re a natural leader, working efficiently to see results and you won’t rest until your hard work has paid off. You love responsibility and love smashing those goals. You’re not easily swayed, preferring to carve your own path to prove a point whilst relishing a challenge. 62 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA Fruit You’re fun and entertaining, seizing every opportunity in life, trying to live each moment as if it was your last. Whilst puffing away on say, a cherry flavoured vape, you can be spontaneous and ever so slightly hasty. Your love for adventure and discovering all things new keeps you up at night, ensuring your waking hours are as fun-filled as possible. You’re every brandlovers’ dream, because you like entrepreneurship and have a natural love for the latest on the food, technology and fashion scene. Cake You have a sweet tooth (for pastries and sponges) to match your delightful personality, which is why you’re always surrounded by friends and family who totally dig being with you. You appreciate the pretty things in life, whilst having the uncanny knack of keeping it real. Your caring, sharing persona is like a beacon, but a polite warning to others; you have zero tolerance for rudeness. You will however go out of your way to help people who you are as genuine as yourself.