Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 62

F E AT U R E healthier lives. Necessity, something you need for survival is why Suicide Bunny was born, and it has led to the success of my company. What is something that you specialize in compared to other liquid brands? What are you most proud ofor take special care to do well? You mentioned “If it has a Suicide Bunny label on it, you can rest assured that it’s been subjected to a quality control process like none other” Do you think you can give us an idea of what exactly that means? I have been around the vaping scene for a while now. I have seen companies come and go. I have also seen many companies that are simply in vaping to make a quick buck. That is not the goal or purpose of Suicide Bunny. I think one thing that differentiates SB from other companies, is that one of my greatest fears is disappointing a customer. I know how it feels to purchase an e-liquid and be gravely disappointed in it. I never want that for my consumers. I want them to be successful in vaping, and I want my products to help them lead a healthier life. Because of this, I always use the highest grade ingredients, and my mixing process ensures consistency and excellence. Is there a core audience that you have? Is there a certain type of user that particularly enjoys your products? I would not say there is a specific audience for my products. I have people from the age of 20-80 who enjoy my liquids. New vapers to people who have been vaping for years, enjoy Suicide Bunny, King’s Crown, and The Cloud Company. What is your most popular flavor? Mother’s Milk has been a fan favorite, and is the e-lquid that revolutionized vaping. What is your personal favorite flavor? My personal favorites are Sucker Punch from SB, The King from King’s Crown, and Sky from The Cloud Company. Can you tell us about any particular period of time or experience that made you happy that you’re in this business? Every time someone meets me, emails me, or sends me a message about how my products helped them quit smoking and stay of cigarettes. I know that I am making a huge impact on their life, their families lives, and the world by helping 60 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA people lead a healthier life style. This is what keeps me going! What are your thoughts on low-cost liquids? I believe for people to truly be successful in vaping it is a mix between the right device and the right liquid. Not all lowcost liquids are bad, but generally there are short cuts being taken somewhere. I know that SB is successful in helping people quit smoking because there are no short cuts, and the ingredients used are the very best. While I can’t speak to the process in which those liquids are made, I can speak to the difference in quality and taste. My product comes at a little higher price, but there is a reason for it. From ingredients, to the clean room in which it is made, to the process to ensure consistency and quality. What does the future of your brand look like? I am hopeful that SB will continue to help people all over the world lead healthier, happier lives. For me the future looks like the present, just with a lot more lives saved. ;-) Anything to say regarding the FDA? I would advise everyone to stay calm, educate themselves, and know that we are fighting to save our industry and community. The FDA deeming document has a lot of inconsistencies as it stands, so there will be items that fall off or get changed. It is an imperfect document. Suicide Bunny along with Triton Distribution, and several of my peers have hired outside legal help as well as advisors, and we are working hard to formulate a plan of action.