Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 60

F E AT U R E Q&A WITH PIP FROM SUICIDE BUNNY Can you tell us your name and what you do? My name is Pip. I am the creator and owner of Suicide Bunny Premium E-liquids. How long have you been in this business? My company launched in August of 2013, so this August will be three years! We heard Suicide Bunny recently made a big change, can you tell us about that? Certainly. I recently changed distribution companies. Suicide Bunny is now distributed by Triton Distribution. I felt that it was the best move for my company and my vendors. Triton is great at what they do, so I am excited for my vendors to get to experience top notch service. You wanted to create something unique and that you saw a vast gulf between what was being done with vape liquids and what could be done. Can you expand on that more? Absolutely! As my husband and I got into vaping, I was having success, but 58 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA he was not. I knew that vaping could be effective, but he needed better quality liquids. I spent a few months researching, learning all that I could about the craft of making e-liquid. I knew I wanted the best ingredients I could get my hands on. Being a health conscious individual, it was not about money, it was about creating liquid that I knew was safe, and that would help my husband quit smoking for good. As an artist, I put my own creative spin on flavor recipes. I didn’t mix to create a specific flavor, instead the flavorings were my new medium in which to create beautiful pieces of art. So in short, the process was all about procuring the best ingredients and taking inspiration from the world around me to create amazing flavors. What steps go into developing your flavors? How do you decide on the final flavor for a new liquid? I create new flavors when I feel inspired. Perhaps a song, a scent, a memory. When I am inspired, I will usually lock myself in my mixing room for hours at a time. Generally I create 20-30 versions of the same recipe, and have my team taste each one. Everyone’s pallet is different, so I appreciate getting as much feedback as I can for a new flavor. You recently changed the artwork for your line King’s Crown. Why was this? I realized that there were many people who did not know King’s Crown was made by me. I realized that the line needed more congruency with my other lines. I also felt like the new art read better on labels, and I feel they convey beautiful emotions. Was there a defining moment or reason for your brand’s success? I don’t know that there was a “defining moment”; however, I do know why my brand has been so successful. All great things are birthe d from necessity. 3 years ago when I started mixing liquid for my husband and myself, it was not to make money, but to help my husband and I lead a healthier life. Nothing has changed, my company still exists for one purpose, to help others lead happier,