Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 58

F E AT U R E • Now screw the atomizer onto your ohm reader to check the ohms. If you don’t have an ohm reader then you can screw it onto your mod to see what it reads. This step is important as you need to ensure your build has come out at roughly what you were expecting, and that your mod will actually fire the coil. (Picture 5 – Coils fitted & checking ohms) • If the mod flashes ‘check atomiser’ or something similar then something has gone wrong. Either the coil has ended up at too low an ohm reading, and your mod won’t fire it or you may have clipped the legs when screwing the post screws in, and it’s not making a proper connection. Unfortunately you will have to begin again! • Once you have checked the ohms, turn your mod down to a low wattage. I recommend between 10 – 15 watts. Now press the fire button until the coil glows orange. Then let go of the fire button & quickly compress the coils with the pliers. Make sure you let go of the fire button before you do this if you are using pliers!! Otherwise the coil will short. (Picture 6 & 7 – Glowing & compressing 1 & 2) • If you are using ceramic tweezers for this stage, then you can compress the coils while the fire button is pressed. You only need to apply a small amount of pressure when doing this. You are aiming to make the coil as tightly and evenly wrapped as you can, with no gaps between the wraps, and no overlapping sections. You will need to repeat this 2 or 3 times to get the perfect coil. The perfect coil should start to glow from the inside to the outer wraps. • Once you are happy with the coil, and it looks like the picture, you need to clip the legs so that they do not protrude from the other side of the post holes. Use the wire cutters or nail clippers and snip the legs as close to the post holes as you can get. (picture 8 – coils compressed & legs snipped) Picture 5 – Coils fitted & checking ohms Picture 6 & 7 – Glowing & compressing 1 & 2 Picture 8 – coils compressed & legs compressed 56 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA Picture 7