Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 50

STANDING OUT IN THE DENSELY POPULATED WORLD OF E-JUICE SUPPLIERS ISN’T EASY B ut Dan Cascino and Jimmy Raymond, owners of the online store YOU GOT E-JUICE, ( have separated themselves from the masses in a relatively short period. There’re no magic bullets with these guys. Quality in, quality out. Don’t penny pinch on ingredients if you want to produce flavor-packed e-juice. Sell the juice at a price that’s too good to pass up. Finally – and this is the element that suppliers so often neglect – provide stellar customer service. However, just because their business acumen may be a universal one, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to achieve. As founders and owners of the online 48 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA store, Dan and Jimmy know that unless you are going to any length to please the customer, the quality and price might not even matter. They started small, opening a small vape shop in San Diego 2013. A year later they opened a large manufacturing facility, producing and wholesaling their own e-juice and bottling juice for other stores. They launched an internet store, giving consumers access to the same quality juice at near wholesale prices. The growth has been exponential. We sat down with Dan and Jimmy, to talk about their business acumen along with the industry as a whole and the challenges it faces. What interested you about the vape industry? Jimmy: I was a two pack a day smoker. I was getting into vaping and I saw the potential to have something better to use. The passion behind it is to help others. Why an online store? Dan: In the beginning, vaping provided harm reduction with cost savings. It was a win-win for us smokers. Today, because of the advancements in vaping technology, we still get the harm reduction but at a prohibited cost to the consumer. Who can afford to spend $20 to $25 a day on 30 milliliters of e-juice? At the end of the day, if they can’t afford it they will return to smoking. That is what we don’t want! We want to make vaping affordable for everyone, so we decided to sell our juice directly to the consumer at near wholesale prices.