Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 47

F E AT U R E 1 2 4 Tart Man by Cool Breeze Vapor Close your eyes and imagine a vape lighter than air. You see fields of puffy Imagine perfectly baked pastry infused with a refreshing strawberry filling, and you’re half way there to imagining the flavor of this popular vape. Despite packing a punch in the flavor stakes, this is still a perfect all day vape. 3 Frosted Lemon Cream Donut by Crunchy Cream Donuts The flavor of warm frosted donuts oozing with silky sweet lemon cream is a massive hit with vapors and makes the top three. Primary flavors of glaze, sweet dough and fragrant citrus makes this an all round hit with vapors who love the versatility of a lemon flavored vape. The King by Strawberry Queen The blend of strawberries and ice is a simple, classic combination that has winner written all over it. Refreshing and zingy, you get a lovely sensation of ice on the exhale, whilst the fruity strawberry hit makes this a gorgeous all day vape and the perfect partner with a cheeky Strawberry Daiquiri. 6 8 Vega E-Liquid by Dr. Fog’s Famous Ice Cream Sitting pretty at the top of the list is this stunning vanilla, peanut butter, ice-cream and banana vape. The banana adds a subtle creaminess to the flavor, whilst the classic vanilla bean gives this wonderful e-liquid an added depth. It is one of the sweeter vapes on this list with definite hints of caramel. 5 Fetti Pop by Villain Vapors This is a real treat of a vape. Think of a confetti birthday cake pop, with a whipped strawberry frosting. Available in 70/30 VG/PG ratio, you’ll savor the wonderful taste of a dense and squidgy cake pop. The Cupcake Man by Vaper Treats) If you dig lush desserts, then this is the one for you. Vanilla cupcake drizzled in a sweet strawberry frosting will have you vaping this e-liquid like there’s no tomorrow. The icing on the vape, is the whisper of sprinkles on the exhale. Heaven. 7 Quickie Milk & Chocolate (Quickie E-juice) Milk chocolate flavor is the vape that will guarantee you skip down memory lane with a big old smile on your face. This chocolate based e-liquid delivers that chocolate hit without that cloying sweetness found in other liquids. Instead, you can indulge in the luxe chocolate taste which feels hidden in a chilled glass of milk. Glazed Donuts by Loaded You just can’t beat oven warm donuts. The flavor of sugary glaze that has just set, makes this a highly moreish vape. The warming hints of cinnamon adds depth, making this a multi-layered e-liquid that can easily be an ADV or vaped on a special occasion, say for a birthday treat. 10 9 Limone Dolce by Vape Riches This is one refreshing vape with a gorgeous sweet aftertaste. Whipped cream infused with Amalfi Coast Lemons, sitting atop a light as air Genoise sponge is stunning as a standalone flavor. Add a layer of whipped cream to take this vape to another level. Berry Yo Cake by Unreal This dreamy, creamy New York style cheesecake is a wonderful take on the classic dessert. For those fruit lovers out there, the considerate people at Unreal have included a strawberry flavor shot for an extra citrusy zing on the palate. If you would like to recommend any flavors, do Tweet us @Vapouround. Show your favorite flavor some TLC and let us know NOW! VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 45