Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 43

F E AT U R E would be complete without sashes! That's just for entering! The overall Winner receives a monetary prize which varies by location from our sponsor Timebomb Vapors. It's no secret that I am their PR Director but they have supported Miss Vapor from the beginning even when I did not work directly for them, which is so powerful for the girls aspiring to become Miss Vapor. Having a large company say I believe in this process and the girls involved enough to write a cheque without knowing the recipient first, is a pretty amazing commitment. She will also get a 3 month Juice Sponsorship from Buckshot Vapors Inc. which means they commit to supplying the winner with enough juice from their four lines Timebomb, Buckshot, Clutch and Roybot Sauce (so she won't have to go spending her own money). Most sponsorships “ I think it’s really important to know why you want to be involved in modelling, or what your end goal is so to speak.” extend as long as the relationship is mutually beneficial for both sponsor and sponsee. She also becomes an Official Vape Model for the pulse brand Vape Models on IG and she is promoted for work within the industry. Ultimately if the Winner uses the platform she is given, she can go very far with the exposure she has access to. VM: Beauty pageants can be empowering; what do you think of beauty pageants and have you entered any yourself? (If you have entered some, how did you find the process and how will Miss Vapor USA be different?) CW: I completely agree that beauty pageants can be a source of empowerment. I think that any pageant that strives to create a program where women can grow and become a part of something that benefits their life and those who are watching is something that should be celebrated. As for the second part of the question... what beauty pageant didn't I enter? When I decided to give modelling a go, I knew that at 5'4" and 23 years old I wasn't exactly shooting for a Giselle Bundchen type of career. I think it's really important to know why you want to be involved in modelling, or what your end goal is so to speak. For myself I knew I wanted to work in marketing, and I knew to be a leader and not an assistant to someone, I needed to stand out. So I built the "Cam Brand," if you will, first. I made myself a social asset to whatever company I wanted to become a part of by having a fan base. I'm by no means "instafamous" comparatively to some of the more recognisable faces out there but I have a solid and still growing platform that I can rely on, to back up my stacked resume in the marketing field. I couldn't have done that without modelling. I entered beauty pageants because they were a way to get jobs and get published when you were unknown. Seven years ago when I did my first photo shoot, Instagram didn't exist. It was Facebook, Model Mayhem and who won the latest search for the newest brand. A lot of those "opportunities" turned out to be excuses for promoters to pack clubs and host something close to amateur night booty shaking contests which I absolutely was not a fan of. I hated being treated like that when I knew I was intelligent and doing the search to build my brand, not find a date. There were also a lot of empty promises in VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 41