Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 41

F E AT U R E “When I started working in the vaping Industry and doing marketing in the Wild West, from the beginning I knew I wanted to incorporate a proven formula into an incredible platform.” consumers, their poise throughout the show and ability to engage with others. Of course, there is also the Stage show which we usually have a few time slots for, to get to know the ladies better and introduce them to the audience at the show. We also take this time to see how they perform in a live audience situation. As a brand ambassador you can end up travelling all over representing your brand and it's important to be prepared for every photo opportunity, every chance to convert someone into a fan or customer and of course be a part of the community that people want to watch! VM: Talk us through the competition process. What can an entrant expect when they put their name forward for the pageant? CW: The process is pretty straight forward. First we do casting calls that are specific to the area we are hosting a search near. We do them at many major and well respected shows stateside and internationally. We ask girls to submit photos and information as the first step. We do pre-select the contestants to show up at the actual show ahead of time. I take the time to review them along with a panel from the companies involved. We look at their overall beauty – this is a model search, not a “girls who vape” search. I know there are a lot of people who like to debate on this, but the bottom line is that if we don't think the girl is capable of representing any of the companies in a print or digital campaign, we don't put her past the submission portion. We also look at her social media, whether or not it seems that vaping is an actual part of her life, and whether she would be a suitable brand ambassador for the companies sponsoring the search. The second round is online. We generally take overall feedback and social media presence into consideration at the end – because let's be real, anyone with a following could beat out a more deserving winner with one post if we completely relied on social media. We do post and promote that each contestant will be at the show with us and to gauge online feedback, ask for interaction from our followers. It's a great way to promote the ladies in a positive light and get the community to rally around them and show support, not just make them an object for show. The next step is the actual convention. We tailor the search to the needs of the convention so sometimes the Miss Vapor hopefuls will come multiple days and sometimes they will only come on one. The competition has more of a culture and consumer based following, so we like to keep it on public days. We watch and judge the ladies interact with The decision comes from all of those factors and it's always hard. What most people don't realise is I end up spending quite a bit of time with these amazing ladies and not being able to choose more than one and sometimes all of them is tough. They all have inspiring stories of why they are a part of the community from a family member to their own personal journeys and I am so grateful I get to be a part of that. There can only be one Queen of course but walking away with incredible relationships is a very valued residual win for all the ladies and to be honest, myself. VM: What are the exciting prizes up for grabs? What does a three month juice sponsorship mean? CW: I have seen a lot of companies expect girls to do tons of work for shoutouts, or juice etc., but I wanted the Miss Vapor Search to be different. Every lady who is accepted to the Live Show receives an authentic mod and atomizer from our equipment sponsor. We are currently working with Council of Vapor who have been kind enough to provide each lovely lady with a Mini-Volt and Tank. For Miss Vape Jam UK they even made a Special Edition. We also provide each girl with a full line of Timebomb Vapors and of course no beauty contest VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 39