Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 40

F E AT U R E aping is one of the fastest evolving industries that continues to thrive year on year, regardless of political pressure to wind down. Within this hotbed of innovation, inspiration and talent are cool social gatherings and exciting expos that capture public attention. One hotly anticipated event on the radar of passionate vapers is the Miss Vapor USA competition. Vapouround Magazine caught up with Cam Winans, a leading light in the vaping community and stunning host of the Miss Vapor USA. Here is what she had to say about the competition, vaping and how winning Miss Vapor USA can change your life. Vapouround Magazine: Vapouround is proud to announce a media partnership with Miss Vapor USA. Why do you see Vapouround as a good fit with Buckshot Vapors? Cam Winans: I try and partner with companies that I see doing the right things. When I'm at events both stateside and overseas, I see the Vapouround crew and I like that they take the time to surround themselves with the culture of the community they ultimately provide media for. I also like that some of the well respected contributors to past issues have let me know they receive an abundance of feedback from your readers once the magazine is published. It's a great way to know Vapouround has an active and engaged audience. VM: How did the idea for Miss Vapor USA come about and what inspired you to hold the contest? CW: To be honest I have been running model searches for years. I was the Social Media Director for Sullen Clothing and the Director of Models for the Sullen Angels during which I started the Sullen Angel Model Search about 5 years ago as part of their Marketing plan. We built 38 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA an incredibly beautiful, loyal and capable group of brand ambassadors through the Search. This led to partnerships with some incredible companies including Rockstar Energy Drink (featured during the Inked Up Tour) and the Uproar Music Festival (Sullen Angels Miss Uproar) and many others. "Vape Models" did nothing for the vape community. The last statement was an immediate problem that had to change... Vape models are an entire sub-culture of vaping much like "Cloud Chasers" or "Builders"... Shutting women... Voting women mind you, out of this community is not something I would stand by. When I started working in the vaping Industry and doing marketing in the Wild West, from the beginning I k new I wanted to incorporate a proven formula into an incredible platform – I just didn't know when. I worked for about a year within the industry and ran the Instagram account featuring new faces in the "Vape Modelling" Community. It grew a following and it's always resonated well with both males and females in the community which is something that I feel is important. I knew it was time to start the search when I saw Vape Modelling take a turn. However and I was watching girls get practically nude just for a shoutout of them vaping on pages, pay their own way just to work conventions and meme after meme pop up about how I wanted to highlight the fact that these searches could go mainstream. My previous experience doing searches in the specialised world of "Tattoo Modelling" and taking those to new heights was something that could be done in the vaping industry as well. We want our brand ambassadors to be beautiful representations of our community. This means knowledgeable, responsible and passionate female vapers who want to represent the vaping community the right way, because vaping in some way touched or changed their lives. I wanted girls in this industry to realise there's not necessarily a future in short lived T&A but there is one in becoming someone that others look up to, relate to and wish to emulate.