Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 36

AWA R D S A. The UK customers are awesome. I notice that in Europe they look at a juice for taste and quality before anything and appreciate a premium product. Q. Your lab facilities in Canada look very impressive indeed. Can you tell us a little about the set up you have there? (Type of facility, equipment etc.) A. We have a 1,400 square foot Iso 7 engineered lab and vestibule and a vacuum fill system from Accutek USA. We are currently expanding our facility with two more Accuteck machines each upgraded with a 12 valve vacuum filler and an additional labs space of 3,000 square feet in our new 15,000 square foot facility which will be operation some time this summer 2016. Q. How will the new lab in London compare with your existing facility and what will it mean to the company in terms of expansion and meeting the demand for your products? A. The new lab in London will be identical to our original lab built for us for Canada. To start with our products will be shipped from our co-packer in the US until we are operational. We are just to busy to have any down time. Q. What was the reason for expanding 34 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA to Europe so soon. How would you compare the European market to that in Canada and the USA? A. The reason is my European sales were enough to make this decision. Also I want to make sure my product is manufactured to my procedures and I love London and look forward to making it my second home. Q. The Tobacco Products Directive has just come info force across Europe and this severely limits what vaping products can be sold. How will this effect your plans in Europe, if at all? A. I am ready for the change. Q. In the US the FDA has just announced what looks like really severe new regulation. Do you have any thoughts on what is happening over there? A. I am working with my US partners and lawyer to see how this plays out. Q. Can you tell us more about the company’s plans for the future and when can we expect to see the new flavour ranges that you will be bringing out? Any clues as to what they may be? I have 6 new lines to come in the next 12 months and I always make sure my juices lines are always better than the last.