Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 167

FYI liquids are superior. Vapouround: What advice would you Emma: Go for it!! It’s a great business to be involved in. It’s tons of fun when you throw yourself into the community side of you think the increased female presence will impact the scene over the next 5 years? Emma: With the emergence of female reviewers, and even a few brands and devices created by women, for women, it’s easy to see how women for the better. Lisa: Go for it! There are so many female vapers; speak to your contacts and your friends and family so that you can maximise your appeal to the majority of vapers, not currently being heard. You know what is missing, trust your instincts. every product is geared towards men anymore, but at the same time people are beginning to realise that some things don’t have to change. We don’t all want to see females getting more involved in both the vaping community and industry. If you truly have a heart to help people and impact the world, then don’t let anyone stop you! female-friendly products over the last year and there seems to be more and more female reviewers and retailers. Twitter has been a great forum for me to connect with other female reviewers and, as a community, we are very supportive of each other and work together to promote each other and relevant products. I think the female presence in the vaping world is going to grow Pip: Vapouround: How are women women want the same devices as men. We know how to build, we want drippers and we are cloud chasers! Lisa: and this can only have a positive effect on an already consumer-led market. Pip: I don’t really see it being impacted solely by women, but by both men and women with integrity, passion, and direction. I believe individuals with these attributes will help sustain and progress the cause of vaping to save lives. I think it is imperative that, as women in the industry, we conduct ourselves with great integrity and intelligence, that we show leadership, and keep the wellbeing of others at the root of all we do within the industry. Pip, hunt them down on social media, they would love to hear from you. Emma aka Nuclear Vapours L @NuclearVapours Lisa aka Vaping For Girls L @vapingforgirls Pip aka Suicide Bunny L @suicidebunny_ I thesuicidebunny W F Suicide Bunny References: 1Public Health England PR 2Telegraph retailandconsumer/11692435/Vaping-takes-off-as-ecigarette-sales-break-through-6bn.html 3Daily Mail Women-likely-cigarettes-vaping-half-users-femalegrowing-numbers-look-kick-habit.html VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 161