Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 166

FYI many of them have realized a woman can be a strong business owner, and a smart cookie. Vapouround: What is so great about the vaping scene and what do you think attracts females to vaping (apart from the the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes)? Emma: There seems to be a rise in now, which I think helps women get into vaping. There are also a lot of great female reviewers out there, which means that when you research vaping and how to start, you can instantly see that there are loads of women out there already doing it. One of the things that really attracted me to the vaping scene is the huge community, both local and online. Other vapers are always interested in talking to people, and they are hugely supportive of great businesses. Our Thursday vape meets are also now being attended by more and more women, which is fantastic! Lisa: I think many women switch to vaping as a step towards quitting smoking. They feel it’s cheaper and healthier for both themselves and their tastes and smells so much better! There right device and e-liquid, it’s so much better than smoking ever was. I know the is so much to be said for being able to breathe again. Pip: I think there are many positive aspects to the vaping scene. First, the community is wonderful! I have met the most amazing, supportive people within the vaping industry. Everyone always seems so willing to help others, and I love that. Also, vaping is truly a revolution and something that I believe will ultimately eradicate smoking. It is awesome to think that our children might grow up in an era without cigarettes. I can’t really pinpoint what might attract females to the vaping scene, but for me it was the positive community and the chance to live a healthier lifestyle. Vapouround: Have you ever encountered sexism in the industry? Would you say it’s a macho arena? Emma: It can be a little macho! I have only encountered sexism once or twice. There was one particular time when I was in a vape shop with my partner, who is known as a great coil builder. He was asked what build he had in his RDA; 60 WINTER EDITION VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE 160 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA they then looked at my RDA and asked me what build my partner had put in for me! They were pretty surprised when I told them that I had built it myself, and then corrected them on the lowest ohm my mod will hasn’t happened much, and not for a long time. Lisa: I’ve only encountered it, in so far as some shop owners assume you will only be interested in pen-style devices and cheap liquid. In general, people are welcoming and kind, but are just unsure of what female vapers’ want. One of my local vape shops has offered to work with me to hold a female vapers’ evening. The retail stores do still tend to be full of men chasing clouds and comparing coils they have built themselves. This can be off-putting to both female and new male vapers. Pip: For the most part, no. However, I have encountered some males with hurt egos. Some males within the industry might claim that the success of Suicide Bunny is due to my “assets” more than my ability to create good e-liquid. But to that I say, try it. It is not hard for anyone to see the success of Suicide Bunny can only be attributed to the fact that the