Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 164

FYI “I noticed an imbalance when I started vaping two years ago. There was one shop I knew of mainly guys behind the counter.” Emma - Nuclear Vapours has gone by and devices have moved on, I have found the industry boom to be very male dominated as the products become more and more techy; all of the a very masculine love of gadgetry, and the culture of cloud-chasing speaks to testosterone fuelled competiveness. I female friendly products and stores as I believe that if I felt excluded, so must other women. Pip: I entered the vaping industry in 2013 when I began mixing liquid to help my husband quit smoking. After months’ of research, I was able to create e-liquids that helped him quit smoking for good. I never intended to create a company, but when local people tried the e-liquid at vape meets, it became apparent to me that I could help others quit smoking by providing the e-liquids to the world. Suicide Bunny now has a global presence in over 80 countries, and I am honoured to be contacted by vapers around the world who tell me how much our products have helped them. Initially, I was amazed by the industry; I felt it was progressing and evolving so quickly. It is 158 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA really amazing to be a part of an industry that continues to make such a huge impact on society. Vapouround: There have typically been more males in the vaping industry. Have you ever noticed a gender ratio imbalance? If you were outnumbered by males, how did that make you feel? Emma: I noticed an imbalance when I started vaping two years ago. There was one shop I knew of with one female member of staff, but it was mainly guys behind the counter. But things are balance in our shop, and this was also pretty evident at the Birmingham expo. It seemed almost every stall was staffed by both men and women – who weren’t there just to be a pretty face, they actually knew about the products and were passionate about them. There were a lot of female visitors too, which was great to see! Lisa: I think there is a gender imbalance in the review, product and retail worlds although anecdotal evidence suggests that up to 70% of vapers are female. I do feel out of place in some of the shops marketed at men; many of the more advanced devices are just too bulky for the female market! There does seem to be a move towards a more femalecentric market but that seems to consist of making smaller pink devices; not a problem for me but it’s not to everyone’s taste. I