Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 160

FYI Ω OHMS LAW FOR VAPERS Ohm’s Law is one of those things that you might have been taught at physics or science class at school and dismissed as something that you would never need to know about again. For many people this may indeed be true but if you are a vaper then, suddenly, Ohms Law may actually have meaning in your life. The law says that the electric current which passes between two points in an electrical circuit is directly proportional to the potential difference (voltage) across those two points and inversely proportional to the resistance. If you build your own mods or if you are just curious about how your equipment works then an understanding of Ohms Law would be very helpful indeed. The law was named after the German physicist Georg Ohm, and is generally expressed today by the formula V = I/R where: V = the potential difference measured across the conductor in volts conductor in amperes and R = the resistance of the conductor in ohms. The ohm (which was named after resistance between two points of a conductor when a constant potential difference of 1 volt is applied to these points to produce a current of 1 ampere across the conductor. 154 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA So from simple maths we know that if V = I xR then I = V/R and R = V/I. So let’s apply this to the world of vaping. When it comes to e-cigarettes the resistance (R) is produced by the coils. Increasing the resistance will make it coils and reducing the resistance will make it easier. Wire thickness is very important too as the resistance of the wire will decrease as its thickness increases. Thus the thinner the wire, the higher its resistance will be. Increasing the resistance leads to a cooler vape while lowering the resistance will provide warmer vape temperatures because of the higher electrical current through the coil. Some of the main effects of changing the resistance of the coil are as follows: As the resistance of the coil is increased it will: produce a cooler tasting vape produce less vapour heat the coil more slowly conserve battery life use less e-liquid As the resistance of the coil is decreased it will: produce a warmer tasting vape produce more vapour heat the coil faster drain the battery faster use more e-liquid Also keep in mind that the resistance produced by the e-liquid. Different liquids react differently to changes in resistance so it is important to know that the resistance you choose could impact on Thus many people like to lower the resistance of the coil to give a more happen by increasing the amount This means that if you want even more vapour then you would seek to lower the resistance of the coil while increasing the voltage across it. The main downside to this is that it can seriously impact on the life of your atomiser. Because lower resistance coils use more power, they tend to generate more heat and this means they are likely to burn out