Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 155

FYI Vapor World’s new brand Ohmega Vapor World’s new brand Ohmega is the latest in the company’s line-up featuring innovative vaping products. By working alongside creative vapers, the ambitious company aims to provide superb products at fantastic prices for the vaping community. Brandon Rockstad is the pioneering creative genius behind Ohmega. Frustrated by using the same products with expensive price-tags, and keen to make a difference, Brandon decided to get his creative juices flowing. His first design was sketched onto a sticky note, and he quickly realised he was onto a winner. After speaking with CEO of Vapor World, Ryan Vicedomini, and showing the intrigued CEO his designs, Ryan was soon on board. Ryan’s encouraging words and unwavering belief in Brandon’s stunning designs were the first steps toward getting the Ohmega brand off the ground. The entire Ohmega series has undergone rigorous testing. Every single mod, atty and RDA has been put through its paces, with safety at the forefront of the makers’ minds. It is this attention to detail that has led Ohmega to become one of the bestsellers at Vapor World.v The Ohmega 18650 Stacked Mod is a thing of beauty. The striking new logo desivgn is engraved with the vent holes at the top. The super sleek design makes it easy to keep this mod on display, giving the rest of your friends some serious vape envy. The Ohmega Atticus RDA is the perfect pairing on high wattage and series devices, whilst the Ohmega Alpha 22mm Tank available in stunning gun-metal or stainless steel, boasts a unique dual hole 2 post set up and adjustable air-flow. Ryan’s business nous is second to none. The intrepid CEO has funded the Ohmega venture 100% and continues to support the flourishing brand which is augmenting the Vapor World business. He said: “Vapor World takes pride in helping its employees to create their own lines, be it equipment like Ohmega, or e-liquids. We are always on the lookout for ways to augment the vaping experience for the vaping community. The feedback we’re getting on our Ohmega series is phenomenal. It makes all the hard work worthwhile, especially when taking stock of how the Vapor World brand has progressed.” Vapor World is a keen promoter of the vaping cause, and vocal supporters of CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives) and SFATA (Smoke-free Alternatives Trade Association). Ryan said: “We will be on the Board for the Oklahoma SFATA Chapter and we intend to comply with the new FDA regulations. Having experienced first-hand the benefits of vaping, we will continue to champion the vaping industry and ultimately save people’s lives.” Ryan, who in a former life was a car dealership owner, has a deep-rooted desire to help others in their vaping journey. After losing grandparents to smoking, Ryan and his wife April used vaping to stop smoking. They started running a store to help people quit smoking; what started out as an altruistic hobby, quickly mushroomed into a fully fledged brick and mortar business in 2012. Ryan was head of buying and thought it made commercial sense to turn Vapor World into a wholesale distributor for e-cigarettes. Vapor World operates from a 3000 square foot ISO 6 certified laboratory, and are in the process of complying with SB 142 certification. With over 70 employees over 4 retail stores, 5000 affiliate brick and mortar stores and online retailers, plus a whopping 100,000 online customers, this is one company enjoying success by knowing and serving its customers well. VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 149