Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 154

FYI 9. The IATA and ICAO codes for Birmingham International Airport are respectively: a - BHD/EGBB b - BHM/EGBC c - BHX/EGBB d - BMX/EGBA 10. The NEC is centrally located which means it can be reached by car from anywhere in the UK in a - 3 hours b - 4 hours c - 5 hours d - 6 hours 11. A new £150m entertainment and leisure development at the NEC is called: a - Resorts World Birmingham b - World Resort West Midlands c - Resort World Coventry d - Resorts World NEC 12. Before founding the Vaper Expo show, the organisers were involved in: a - nightclubs and engineering b - old people’s homes and fast food restaurants c - tree surgery and dog training d - dance and performing arts. d - Putting on Vaper Expo is a demanding, stressful, time consuming and complex process but ultimately hugely rewarding. 17. The NEC, where the Vaper Expo event was held, stands for: a - National Exhibition Complex b - National Events Centre c - National Exhibition Centre d - National Events Complex 18. Which group contains the odd one out? The Vaper Expo event brought together: a - industry retailers, e-jucie manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. b - expert speakers, experienced vapers, new vapers and retailers. c - former smokers, current vapers, dog breeders and e-liquid retailers d - e-liquid retailers, key industry players, e-cigarette vendors, cloud chasers. 19. The official sponsors of the NEC event referred to in this quiz was: a - Suicide Honey b - Suicide Money c - Suicide Monkey d - Suicide Bunny 20. Which of these is the odd one out? 13. The idea for the Vaper Expo show came because: a - The organisers originally wanted to run an exhibition on 70s fashions but were let down at the last minute. b - Ozzy Osbourne suggested that a UK vaping event would be huge c - The organisers were dared to put on a vaping show after a night out drinking in Kings Heath. d - The UK lacked vape shows like the ones held in the USA a - Cosmic Fog b - Totally Wicked c - Diamond Mist d - Foggy Dew 14. Which of the following is a popular British-made e-liquid: a - Birmingham Mail b - ITV Central c - Vapouround Magazine d - BBC WM 16. Which of the following statements best describes the amount of work needed to organise an event like Vaper Expo: a - Nothing to it, it virtually