Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 153

FYI 1. The huge vape event which recently took place at the NEC in Birmingham was called: a - The Vaper Expo UK b - The Vaper Expo UK/USA c - The Vaper Expo NEC d - The Vaper Expo Birmingham 5. The Vaper Expo has been held at the NEC for: a - two years b - three years c - four years d - five years 2. The organisers of the NEC vape event were called 6. The event featured Birmingham magician Mark Barber who is better known as: a - Lee and Dee b - Lea and Perrins c - Ashley and Simone d - Lee and Jay a - iNSaNiTi b - iNFiNiTi c - aFFiNiTi d - DiViNiTi 3. Compared to the same event in 2015, The Vaper Expo was: 7. The event was held at which of the NEC Halls? a - slightly smaller b - the same size c - slightly bigger d - more than three times bigger a - Hall 12 b - Hall 2b c - Hall 21 d - Hall 1.2 4. Which was NOT featured at The Vaper Expo: 8. Birmingham’s NEC is: a - big industry leaders b - small to medium sized businesses c - businesses looking to build brand recognition d - Birmingham’s biggest flea circus a - Britain’s third biggest exhibition venue b - Britain’s second biggest exhibition venue c - Britain’s biggest exhibition venue d - Europe’s biggest exhibition venue VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 147