Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 143

REVIEWS I will be reviewing Pounding Clouds by Drippy Lee today. The bottle I received was 60ml, 80% VG and had 0.3% of nicotine, it retails for about £20. When you first see the packaging of Drippy Lee’s Pounding Clouds, you have to smile to yourself – the juice bottles comes in a aluminium foil cake tin, something that unfortunately could be misconstrued as appealing to young people. Personally, I thought it was an interesting touch. Now, when you take the lid off the tin, you will come across a 60ml bottle of pound cake flavoured eLiquid, an empty 30ml unicorn bottle and two 5 ml bottles of blueberry and strawberry flavouring (do not vape the flavouring on its own!). This is an entirely unique marketing strategy that is a stroke of genius, as you can mix the base of pound cake eliquid with either strawberry or blueberry depending on your preferred flavouring or whatever your tastebuds fancy! The first thing that I noticed whilst tasting this eLiquid was how realistic it was. I could pick out a sweet, crumbly cake that melts in your mouth, it was richly sophisticated yet simple at the same time, a multitude of flavours that entice your tongue - which was brilliant as it tastes like the real thing just without the calories. Out of the hundreds of juices that I have tried over my time as a vaper, there have only been a few that were so lifelike, and Knight's Creed – Dignity On the inhale, the medley of flavours come alive and dance on your tastebuds, it is a little hard to discern each individual component to this eLiquid, as they all blend into one – something I quite liked, as many eJuices come across as rather fragmented. On the exhale is when you can really appreciate the flavours, especially if you exhale through the nostrils. The fruitiness of this juice is astounding, it really feels like you are The whole Knight's Creed line comes in metal tube containers that are exquisitely designed with Middle Aged styled graphics, with things like crests and crowns. Also, there are clear warnings and information about the juices-something I find to be ever more important in this day and age. In regards to flavouring, this delicious instalment from K night's Creed, Dignity is a fruity assortment of honeydew, cantaloupe, mango and papaya. The bottle I received was 20ml in volume, 3mg nicotine and 70% VG. I was keen on trying this juice due to its flavour profile of scrumptious mixed fruits –little did I know that I would shortly be making this my all day vape! Upon opening the child proof cap, I sniffed this juice and I could really pick up on the different melons used in it. It made my mouth water and was an extremely pleasant sensation. I soon dripped it on my RDA, and was overwhelmed with the ripe taste of juicy fruits. I particularly liked the hint of papaya and mango. I don't think I have ever tried a mango flavoured eJuice and this one, straight away, tasted realistic and smooth whilst still having a tart kick. Drippy Lee’s Pounding Clouds is way up there - I cannot convey enough how authentic it tasted! I briefly tried mixing the blueberry and strawberry flavouring with the pound cake in the 30ml bottle provided, and the result was a mouth watering concoction of juicy strawberries and plump tart blueberries. I think that the option to mix in your own preferred flavouring to an eJuice is a truly innovative step in the vape world. I found the production of vapour is magnificent, and at 80% VG you can see why. Overall I must say I have never tried such a real tasting vaping experience and enjoyed it immensely. It never got sickly and I could vape it for extended periods of time. For these reasons, I will give this juice a 4/5! “It made my mouth water and was an extremely pleasant sensation. I soon dripped it on my RDA, and was overwhelmed with the ripe taste of juicy fruits.” drinking a smoothie. With a VG of 70% vapour creation is good, whilst still retaining a decent amount of flavour. All in all, I felt that 'Dignity' was right up my alley taste-wise, and it really delivered when vaping it. I would definitely try this juice over and over due to its appealing, sweet and fruity nature, for that reason I am giving 'Dignity' a solid 5/5! VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 137