Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 14

NEWS The TPD Is The Beginning Of The Regulatory Process… Not The End Why the leading scientists at EL Science Believe That A Huge Amount Of Good Could Come Out Of This Flawed European Legislation. You could be forgiven for thinking that Shaun Wedgwood, the technical director of e-liquid testing lab EL Science, hates all aspects of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). At a recent seminar to industry leaders in London he described it as: “Ill thought-out, poorly written, misfocused and not fit for purpose.” These are harsh words indeed for this European directive which is now law and with which everyone in the e-cigarette industry must comply. But while the TPD is far from ideal, the analytical chemist is adamant that regulation within the industry is both necessary and desirable and he argues that many aspects of the TPD are decidedly good for the industry. He says that the testing requirements - the most onerous part of the legislation by far - are vital for a responsible industry which puts the safety and well-being of its consumers as a priority. Speaking at an EL Science seminar held at London’s prestigious Royal Society, he said: “Imagine if we threw the entire TPD out of the window and then sat down, as an industry, with a blank piece of paper before us. “If we considered what sort of regulation and standards we wanted to have, then I believe that we would come up with many of the regulations that are actually contained in the TPD right now.” Explaining why regulation was needed within the vaping industry, he explained 12 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA that the key factor was minimising the risk of potential harm to people who used electronic cigarettes. He said: “Regulation is needed because we want to do all in our power to minimise the risk and to produce the safest product that we possibly can, especially if we consider that people could be using our products for 20 years or more. “We need to gather toxicological and analytical data on vaping products regardless of whether or not the TPD exists. In effect the TPD has just given us a time scale and accelerated what, as an industry, we would eventually have done anyway.” He said it was up to the industry to take a responsible view about the products it sold to the public and that it was both sensible and desirable that there should be accurate data and regular analysis on e-liquids being produced. The EL Science Technical Director added: “We want to push the industry forward in a way that raises quality levels across the board. We are a lot further along than we were three years ago but there is still a very long way to go. “There is a real opportunity within the TPD to set the scene and raise the bar as an industry in terms of creating industry-wide standards that are universally accepted and used. Raising the bar in terms of creating the standard is very important indeed.” He said another great boost from the TPD was the fact that it would rise awareness about e-cigarettes and to create an opportunity to show e-cigarettes in a good light. Mr Wedgwood said the industry had a huge responsibility to customers to produce high quality products which are stringently tested and which had the potential to eliminate the need for traditional cigarettes altogether. The scientist said that e-liquid manufactures should welcome the introduction of regulation, international quality control standards, regular product testing and the reduction of harm. “The greater the consumer confidence have in e-cigarettes,” he explained “then the faster people will move away from traditional cigarettes and the more lives will be saved. “The opportunity to be involved in the death of smoking in my lifetime is one of the things thats gets me out of bed in the mornings and drives me forward to play my part in making this industry the best it possibly can be. “The TPD is a process and we must understand that we are at the start of this process and not the end. “We are at the beginning of what is likely to be a very exciting journey in a rapidlydeveloping industry where we have the potential to change so many lives for the better and we at EL Science find this very exciting indeed.” To find out more on being TPD compliant, you can contact Shaun Wedgwood at or call 01733 352553