Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 138

REVIEWS By Peach Atkinson Director's Cut by Vapemate Director's Cut is a line of premium juices by the popular online juice company Vapemate. All juices that I tried out are in 10ml glass bottles, have 3mg nicotine and are at 80% VG. I was very excited to try out these juices after having a positive experience with their standard line of customisable eLiquids. There are currently 5 juices in this line and all feature a glass bottle complete with a child proof safety cap. Take 1 A definite zap of lime is present whilst inhaling. It is a rather enjoyable lime that reminds me of green Wine Gums, slightly artificial but delectable nonetheless. As I exhaled, I could pick up on a mixture of fresh cherries and raspberries, both helped to counteract the lime's sharpness. Overall, a very crisp tasting eJuice – optimal for your morning vape! Take 2 Firstly, the smell is overwhelmingly lovely! This juice tastes just like a glass of ice Buddha Dew by Vaperz Cloud Have you ever looked for a juice that tasted like Mountain Dew? Well, look no further – Vaperz Cloud is a company based in Virginia, USA that have come up with the ultimate Mountain Dew flavoured vape. As a citrus vape connoisseur, I tend to be quite picky when it comes to any citrus flavours, as some can be overwhelmingly sour or can taste like washing up liquid. Luckily, I really enjoyed Buddha Dew, I found the flavouring to be on point and not at all too potent. To be honest, I have rarely seen soda flavoured eJuices, a few cola ones and one or two Dr.Pepper ones, but I have never come across a Mountain Dew one. I'm sure they are out there, but I am hooked on Buddha Dew as it is so true to life and easy to vape on. My juice came in a 60ml plastic unicorn bottle, 3mg nicotine and max VG. 132 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA cold pink lemonade- perfectly executed and is certainly the ideal flavour for a hot summer's day. It is not too sour nor too sweet, but is neatly balanced right in the middle. I found this flavour from Vapemate to be a deliciously energising vape! Take 3 There is a fruity aroma to this juice that is mouth-wateringly delectable. The best way I can describe 'Take 3', is a fragrantly fruity herbal tea. The fruitiness is mild yet juicy and the hint of spiced tea really creates a unique flavour profile. Overall, a one of a kind juice that has the potential to be an all day vape! Take 5 'Take 5' is a citrusy cereal flavour that does not overstimulate your tastebuds, like some brands unfortunately do. It is a relatively soft cereal combined with fresh and creamy milk that counteracts any tartness that the citrus may give off. A very more-ish vape that could be a daily favourite to cereal enthusiasts. Take 4 A superbly sweet concoction of fresh summer fruits and soft cream, combine to make this liquid my favourite of the Director's Cut line of juices. It is always nice to try an eliquid like 'Take 4' and I respect the difficulty in creating a juice that blends so well together. Definitely top notch stuff! I would recommend this flavour to all of those who are fruity fans. The label is rather plain but still stylish, it has several warnings including 'no under 18s', 'Contains nicotine' and an ingredients list. I don't think this bottle looks like it would appeal to children, as the prominent colours are black and gold, no bright colours or fancy font. Smelling this juice does not do it justice, the aroma is pleasant enough, however tasting it is far more delightful. Tasting Buddha Dew is nothing short of amazing! You get strong notes of citrus that is the perfect ratio between lemon and lime, exactly like a can of Mountain Dew. There is also a subtle sweetness that compliments the citrus, making this juice even more realistic. You may think that due to the sweet citrus, this juice could not be an all day vape, but in my opinion this could be an all week vape! I never get tired of the mouth-watering sensation I get with Buddha Dew. A 60ml bottle of this fizzy drink flavoured eLiquid sets you back around £20-£25, which for some is a little steep, however I love it so much that I feel it is worth it. I found this to be a phenomenal juice, something I really found to be delicious and great vapour production. Overall, I would give Buddha Dew a solid 5/5!