Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 134

REVIEWS VAPOR ROYALTY THE BEAST After progressing through my vaping journey, I have come across plenty of different brands of cotton designed for wicking a coil, some were poor, some were average and others were fantastic.I must admit at first I had very little knowledge about all the different brands of cotton out there, I just figured cotton was cotton. As a beginner, I tried organic cotton balls from a supermarket chain, it was a horrible mistake! It tasted burnt and I think the cotton could not manage the heat from the coils. However, I recently I discovered The Beast from Vapor Royalty and found it to be lightyears ahead of my previous (and disastrous) attempts at trying out cotton. There is a certain set of attributes one should look for when checking out cotton used for vaping, including but not limited to; • The absorption of juice. Some can take a while to soak up whereas others take in the juice within seconds and continue to retain it. • No funny or 'cottony' aftertaste that causes the flavour of the juice to be compromised. • Ease of wicking – as some cotton can be really difficult to get to the right size 128 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA for your coils successfully in a rush • Preferably organic with no additives or bleach • Price is also a big factor in choosing cotton and it all depends on where you buy it, what company supplies it and the quality of the product. 'Vapor Royalty' produce a range of 4 cottons, each one designed for different uses including temperature control, tanks and RBAs. Today I am going to review 'The Beast' which is made specially for dripping on RDAs. The Beast is grown ethically in the USA and is not bleached nor is anything untoward added. This product is neatly presented in a circular aluminium tin that contains a length of rolled cotton that is heat resistant, 100% Organic and Pesticide/ Chemical Free. I found this cotton to be extremely easy to roll up and insert into the coils on my RDA. I noticed that I didn't waste as much cotton as I did with other brands, because all I had to do was snip off a length of cotton, and rip it down the middle. The cotton itself is superior in terms of its absorption, and straight away, it started to take all the drops of eliquid without leaking. It also allows you to increase the amount of inhales you can get without dry hits, due to the excellent juice holding capacity of this cotton. Another really appealing factor of this product is the fact that I could not taste any cotton whilst vaping, nor any funky after tastes, just 100% flavour. A tin of The Beast will set you back about £6 but it is most definitely worth it! If you haven't tried it already, you ought to. When it comes to cotton, you want a quality product that works well - and I can safely say Vapor Royalty have designed this cotton brilliantly and with fellow vapers in mind.