Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 130

EVENTS March 25-26th by Stephen Tarpey March 25th&26th saw the second incarnation of the Orlando Vapor Show, held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds convention centre organised by Mark Evans Jr. Who is also one of the organisers for the world Vapor expo in Miami, one of the biggest Vaping shows internationally. The Orlando shows are smaller and more intimate than the annual World Vapor Expo. This time about 50 exhibitors were present. The show got off to a slow start with footfall quite low on the first morning this was due to these being B2B sessions, but even for the B2B session it was a bit pedestrian. Later in the afternoon it start VBF6#BdU$TBtRU4WvF&R#$2VR6vrWF&VvWBFRGvF2FW&Rv26W&W2bW"FW&VG2VBFR7FvRB֖66VF6v66RWr'&B6VBfPW"bF2FFrFFRFVG&70bFR6rगBv2'fW2FB6RbFRfVF'0fW7FVBVfǒFV"7FG2vF6R&VWFgVǒFW6vVB7FG2ffW"g&FRW&F'2࠮( ėBv2'fW2F@6RbFRfVF'0fW7FVBVfǒFV"7FG2vF6P&VWFgVǒFW6vV@7FG2ffW"g&FPW&F'2( Р