Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 129

EVENTS by Stephen Tarpey The shear number of shows in America now is becoming out of hand now. There is one nearly every weekend, some of the organisers only worry about getting the vendors to the show and forget about the promotion of the event and getting the local vape shops to their event to ensure the is longevity of the show in the future and sales for the exhibitors. Some shows also forget the importance of advocacy and educating the public, this is key as this will ensure the longevity of this industry. On both of these counts vaper slam are second to none. They deliver foot traffic to the shows, they ensure local vape shops attend and ensure the people who attend are educated on the current advocacy issues. So much so that free giveaways were done differently, raising awareness of the plights affecting the Vaping industry. Rather than giving away free samples, the samples were given to an advocacy groups and the companies were invited to make a donation to advocacy groups, these advocacy groups would give a talk to people on the main stage, they would then give vouchers to the general public. Afterwards the vouchers could be redeemed at the advocacy stand where members of the public could gain more access to the groups. Whilst this could be thought to drain atmosphere this wasn't the case at all and I take my hat off to Freeze and Mooch at vaperslam for what they are trying to achieve. As for the show, once again a great atmosphere and it delivers on every aspect, well done guys, keep up the good work. VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA 123