Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 124

EVENTS VAPEVENT, PARIS 20-21 MARCH 2016 By Kerrie Costello Vapevent was the first vape show I had been to with Vapouround. It is also my first time in Paris, which is a beautiful city which I couldn’t wait to explore. I found everyone so helpful, friendly and chatty. The show itself took place at the Paris Event Centre on 20th and 21st March 2016. The atmosphere was amazing as soon as I walked in, right through to the very end of both days. They had over 200 exhibitors and the foot-fa v26𦆖v&FF2FR6r2vPv27V66W72WfVFRWBv2vV&v6VB7&72F&VR&2vfpf6F'2VVv76RFvƲ&V@B֖vRࠣdU$TBtRU4FFRFrFB7FBWBf"PFR7Bv2FRWfVbFW&7F&WGvVVbFRW&F'2FPfr6VG2fF7F2&VǐVv&BV&RW07V62F2fRV&VBRF6VPFBFRfrGW7G'BFW7FP7W'&VBBW6֖r6VvW2B0fW'V6W&RF7FW'6WfV( &VBF6FBBǒFv&f"fW&VB'WBFB6v&GW7G'7V62F2( rf'v&BFƖfRFR&BvFfW&VBB&P'FFǒVWFrvF6PvW6RVRࠠ