Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 110

EVENTS LONDON,UK 1-3 APRIL 2016 W ell homeward bound and this was the first UK show of the year! London was the setting of Vape Jam UK 2016 and did we have high hopes. This was the second instalmaent by the Vape Jam crew, and after such a successful show in 2015 we were expecting great things. Well needless to say if your expectations are high you leave yourself open to disappointed and boy were we disappointed. Unfortunately we were unable to do our job successfully and completely 104 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA as we had our bags confiscated on a number of occasions. This was down to another magazine causing problems with the organisers, this put us in the wrong frame of mind to do our job. We were then embroiled in debates and confrontation on a regular basis, being threatened with eviction from the premises if we handed one magazine out to any of our customers. As we were not allowed to do our jobs properly we can only report on what we saw and heard, and in a nutshell many people seemed disappointed, there wasn’t a good buzz or vibe around the place. Given the current attack on vaping you would have thought the organisers would have spared a few minutes stage time for two of the USAs biggest advocates, unfortuanately this was not granted to them and that seems very disappointing as we are all fighting for the same thing. Maybe next year the organisers will go back to the drawing board and get it right like they did in year one, or maybe the success of their rivals Vaper Expo UK has over shadowed the good work they did and now makes them look little more than average.