Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 104

F E AT U R E RHONDA AND RANDY CREATED A CHARITY IN HIS HONOUR. FAMILY AND FRIENDS ASSISTED IN BRINGING THE STEPHEN C. PARISH, JR. MEMORIAL FOUNDATION TO LIFE. across the world. Touching lives every step he took, Steve could see the good in everyone. Inspired by the determination Steve exhibited in his life, Rhonda and Randy vowed to carry his memory on and bring joy to the lives of others. They created a charity in his honour. Family and friends assisted in bringing the Stephen C. Parish, Jr. Memorial Foundation to life. The charity would become the beginning of Rhonda and Randy’s drive to continue Steve’s charitable assistance to those in need. Proceeds collected from events such as the Stephen C. Parish, Jr. Memorial Golf Outing would be given to scholarship winners pursuing their education who embody traits comparable to Steve. Rhonda and Randy much like Steve, wouldn’t stop there. They wanted to do something more. In March 2015, they began the e-liquid company Captain Obvious E-juice. Captain Obvious, like Steve’s ambition to save the world, would provide the highest quality in flavour and ingredients to its customers. Steve’s Duck would become the face of Captain Obvious. As stores throughout the United States began to carry the collection of premium e-juice, the memory of Steve began to spread in a unique manner via the shelves of vape shops throughout the vaping community. Rhonda and Randy encouraged those who vape Captain Obvious E-juice to show where they were tagging Steve via their photos on social media platforms using hashtag #CaptainObviousEjuiceAdventures. Now, Rhonda and Randy are both enjoying seeing the creativity of the consumers and the ways in which they are sharing Steve’s memory. When you break down each element of Captain Obvious E-juice, it completely embodies Steve. Names of juices including “The Beach Bum One”, “The Breakfast One”, and “The Key Lime One”, are sarcastic and funny, much like Steve’s charismatic personality. Everything from the flavour descriptions, logo mimicking a superhero and the ever popular capes... each part of Captain Obvious E-juice is sharing Steve in a unique manner.  So while at first glance it may be a duck – it’s a duck that is here to leave an impact and save the world. And it’s here to stay.  To find out more about the Stephen C. Parish, Jr. Memorial Foundation and Captain Obvious E-juice, go to website www. now. You can also request a sticker via the website, which will be sent out to you so that you can continue tagging the duck around the world and raise awareness for this worthwhile cause. 98 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA