Vapouround magazine Special Issue 01 - Page 100

F E AT U R E Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s a... duck! MANY HAVE ENQUIRED, “WHAT’S UP WITH THE DUCK?” SIT BACK, RELAX AND LEARN WHY A SMALL SKETCHING OF A DUCK IS HERE TO SAVE THE WORLD IN A VERY BIG WAY. S Stephen C. Parish, Jr. was someone you would want to know. He was an individual who had many gifts and talents, impeccable integrity and character. He was a gifted artist and singer, who expressed himself with every performance and in each picture he drew. Steve loved to draw what is now known as “Steve’s Duck” – an eclectic pencil drawing of a duck that best depicts Steve’s originality. Steve believed in giving back, volunteering and in doing the unthinkable. He would put everyone first and was someone who made you a better person for having him in your life. His dreams to make a change in this world tragically came to an end on March 22 2009. The heart wrenching loss suffered by his parents Rhonda and Randy Burch was shared by all who knew Steve. At a poignant memorial service held by Pace University, thousands of stickers of Steve’s Duck were passed out to the attendees, and in true New York City style, the memory of Steve was beginning to be carried on. New York, the originator of the modern graffiti, also known as “tagging”, would become the start of tagging the world with Steve’s memory. All were encouraged to tag Steve’s Duck across New York City (in classrooms, on bridges, favourite 94 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE USA STEVE LOVED TO DRAW WHAT IS NOW KNOWN AS “STEVE’S DUCK” – AN ECLECTIC PENCIL DRAWING OF A DUCK THAT BEST DEPICTS STEVE’S ORIGINALITY. restaurants and airports), spreading his memory everywhere they went. Not long after the memori 6W'f6RFPFVbFvvr7FWfRvF2GV6Ffb7FWf^( 2f֖ǒBg&VG2&VvFvvrFRv&B2FWG&fVVB7F6W'2vW&R6VB'F6Rv6PƗfW2RFV6VBvW&WfW"FWvV@v7FWf^( 2GV62&VVFFPVF26Ɩf&F7Vf&F6&FB&6F26VvRF&Цg&2g&W6V"B2G&fVV@FRv&BB2FvvVBW6&0B'&FR&V6&VBFRVV7V66W72bFvvr7FWf^( 2GV62GVPFFRf7BFB7FWfRv27V6&VfV@6&7FW"v6Rv2FRFffW&V6Rvv27FWfRv7&V@v&BfVVC7FWfRv26VRv6VBFBv66Rv266V6V"B6֔'&&RvW&RPVVB7GVFVG2FWfV62F7W'ffPFV"vBvFWBFR7WW'f6bFV"&VG2Rv2WfW'FVG&P&GV7FV&W"bW6V"'F6FVB6G&Bv0W&VBvFFRF&2WFv&B'66RvW7FW&&W6W'fR*g&ЧFV6rWF7F26G&VBFV6f W&6FFWfFr2ƖfRFVfW'G7G&6VVw7FW'27FWfRv0r76fR7B7&VFp6FfRW76vW2GW&r2G&fV0