Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 97

“WE WANT TO MAKE SURE THAT WE ARE APPROACHING THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND THOSE ARE CURRENT SMOKERS, ADULT SMOKERS WHO NEED TO STOP” Founder Matt Cohen said: “I think it’s a great thing for the average vaper. It’ll help them find the best deal whether it be from a big brand in K Road or some smaller store in the South Island. The big thing will be getting stores involved and making it a community thing.” Quit Group, a prominent stop smoking organisation with a focus on helping Maori, Pacific peoples and pregnant women, is also seeing increased activity. From 1999 to 2015, the Group operated a 24/7 hotline called Quitline. The service currently operates under Homecare Medical via the National Telehealth Service. Quitline has seen a 30 percent rise in calls over the last year from Kiwis trying to quit, with 10 percent of them using e-cigarettes as their preferred method. The country now counts over 200,000 vapers. Like Matt Cohen, entrepreneur QT Satchell started his e-cigarette and liquid manufacturing company, NZVAPOR, in response to the growing interest. A staunch advocate of the industry’s place in smoking cessation, Mr Satchell also calls for better regulation and closer ties between the trade and the government to keep vaping’s mission focused and strong: “We don't want non-smokers to start vaping, we don't want children to start vaping, we want to make sure that we are approaching the right people and those are current smokers, adult smokers who need to stop.” Should the Bill get its required, top-down support, the industry could blossom, as all the other signs of a thriving new era are set in motion. VM21 | 97