Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 88

FEATURE WANT MORE REASONS TO #jointheclub ? Can anyone sign up to the Vapouround Club for free? Yes – All memberships of the Vapouround Club are 100 percent free! Do you have to be employed in the vape industry to sign up? No – The club box is a subscription-based service which the first one thousand industry members are eligible to receive. The Vapouround sample box will soon be discontinued. Isn’t this just like a group on social media? No – through the Vapouround Club, we bring vapers news, announcements, offers, discounts and more straight from the epicentre of the industry. The opportunities are endless. By signing up, you get one step closer to the heart of the industry. How can I sign up? Log onto and register for your account to access the benefits the Vapouround Club has to offer. 88 | VM21 I work in a vape shop, can I sign up? Absolutely! Many vape shop workers think the club is something their bosses or store owners can avail of, but the Vapouround Club was created with the people who make this industry what it is in mind – that’s you vape shop workers! This makes you eligible for an industry membership, which includes amazing offers like deals on pre-release hardware from the hottest brands around the world. Can anyone else sign up? Yes! Reviewers, photographers, vape personalities … the list goes on. Anyone working within the vape industry can sign up to an industry membership. If you don’t work in the vape industry, don’t panic. You can sign up to a public membership.