Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 49

Nathan adds, “We didn’t want to leave it too late. There were so many types of salts that were out there, we held back. But we’re confident that we took the time to develop the best-grade product.” something a little different. The German market loves concentrates, the same goes for Holland. People like to experiment, they don’t just want to vape a lemon flavour, they want to infuse it with something like aniseed and create something new.” Vampire Vape are also riding a wave of momentum driven by their new cocktail range. Sometimes simplicity works best for inspiration, as the idea came from straightforwardly observing the wider culture’s obsession with specialised spirits. Combining their new liquid lines has proven an excellent business move for team Vampire Vape. “Spirits – especially gins and cocktails, have captured everyone’s imagination. We wanted to latch onto that and bring out a cocktail- inspired range. We’ve got flavours like watermelon mojito and a rhubarb with ginger. Such drinks are very popular in the holiday season, with a lot of people giving them [as] gifts,” says Phil. With the celebratory drink flavour market secured, the company has also ramped up another old favourite: the DIY e-liquid set. “We’ve been doing DIY liquids for a long time. Now that we sell to 68 countries worldwide, we’ve found that each country wants “We’re not just bringing out those 10 new flavours, but providing concentrate versions, and have already seen a lot of pre-orders placed from our big distros in France and Germany. It’s a matter of meeting demand, which is more diverse than ever before. Not everyone goes for a complete product right off the shelf: some people want to mix, some people want a bigger bottle (hence the short-fills). We cater for every part of the vape trade and everyone in it. “If you don’t try new things, you stagnate,” says Nathan. “People were a bit too hesitant with short-fills, seeing them as more of a TPD loophole than a genuine option. We thought it was an opportunity to meet new demand. But all new liquids still go through the required testing, even when they aren’t in 10ml bottles.” Both Nathan and Phil see this as the new standard for how a vape company should look and operate in the modern world. And what could be more current than a CBD range? “Our company is Flavour Warehouse, Vampire Vape is the brand and it’s about 90 percent of what the company focuses on. CBD will be the big thing for 2019. I won’t say too much right now, but I will say that Flavour Warehouse will be making CBD products this year, including vape products.” They welcome both growth in the CBD market and tighter regulations to ensure safe, high-quality products. VM21 | 49