Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 48

COVER STORY VAMPIRE VAPE UNCOVERED: STAYING GROUNDED AND REACHING NEW HEIGHTS LANCASHIRE-BASED VAMPIRE VAPE RECONNECT WITH WHAT MADE THEM HUGE, WHILST LAUNCHING NEW PROJECTS TO BECOME THE ULTIMATE VAPE BRAND. BY LEO FORFAR The start of year marked one full year since Vampire Vape’s co-founders and directors Nathan Walton and Phil Boyle moved one of the industry’s most recognised brands into new facilities, with a fresh vision of how far they could take it. From short-fills to nicotine salts to CBD, there’s nothing an energised vape industry can’t do at this point, and there’s nothing they aren’t willing to try. BACK TO BASICS Nathan says the team has realised it’s been a while since Vampire Vape brought out a 10ml range. “Vampire Vape was built on the appeal of its 10ml liquids. That’s what we’re known for: the perfect starter juice ranges for getting you off the cigarettes. Bloodsucker was the last new 10ml flavour and that was over 18 months ago. So, we began the year deciding that, by February we’d have five brand new flavours. They’ve been tried and tested by all the staff and they’re ready to go. Everything is available in the standard nicotine strengths: zero 48 | VM21 nicotine up to 18mg. Next month there will be another five, so 10 by the end of March.” With renewed confidence in their reputation for welcoming former smokers into vaping, Vampire Vape have been helping New Year’s Resolution-makers keep their pledge by partnering with SMOK. They provide two 10ml bottles of their signature juices with every Novo starter kit sold on their website. “We’ve never been too involved with hardware, but that’s going to change this year. Pod systems are really popular and we want a cost-effective delivery product. We will be branching out into hardware by the middle of this year,” Phil says. Vampire Vape has diversified, embracing every new arena in the wide spectrum of the vaping industry. And the spotlight isn’t just on hardware, but nicotine salts. “Once we’ve seen how the new liquids perform, we’ll move on to bringing out a nicotine salt version of the more popular ones, as we did for Heisenberg and Pinkman – which both went through the roof.”