Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 39

Empathy with the smokers’ struggle to quit unites almost all people in the vaping industry and gives us a unique edge in reaching customers with what they need. There are more former smokers than never-smokers, and Mohammad is no exception. Like many origin stories in the trade, Mohammad’s entry started with the end of his own smoking habit. “I made the switch from smoking to vaping about four years ago, just before starting Signature Tips. I came back from holiday with some duty-free cigarettes, finished the packs, and didn’t want to go to the petrol station and break into another ten-pound note for a new one. And a friend of mine happened to have an E-Lite on him and suggested I try that instead. I tried the E-Lite for a weekend and I was hooked. After E-Lites, it went on to a CE4. I then imported a few CE4 models and familiarised myself with drip tips, the rest is history.” Having established such a strong base at home, Signature Tips have engaged with the wider vaping world as a manufacturing powerhouse. Their stop at the NEC was the latest of many, and they aren’t slowing down. “It would be wrong for us not to do the NEC expo in Birmingham. It’s our home turf and we can really show what business in Birmingham is capable of, and not just to British vape companies. We’ve been exhibiting overseas recently. We’ve done the National Vape Expo in Foxwoods, Connecticut, we’ve done the California ACC, and the Middle East Vape Show in Bahrain before returning to Connecticut in March.” “WHEN A NEW TANK OR ATOMISER HITS THE SCENE WITH A PARTICULAR SIZE AND SHAPE TO IT, WE CAN IMMEDIATELY MEET THE DEMAND AND MAKE THE CORRECT TIPS.” VM21 | 39