Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 198

REVIEW BY DIMITRI FRIXOU Strawberry Cheesecake Tangy Lychee Lemon Cheesecake E-Sheesh have done a great job at replicating the authentic taste of strawberry cheesecake with this e-liquid. Upon the first inhale the flavour notes you get are a light strawberry with the wonderful biscuit base finish. The flavour is very smooth, it doesn’t hit the back of your throat unduly hard and it is rather easy to vape. This produces an abundance of clouds, being a popular mix of 70/30 PG/VG, even after a small inhale you get plenty of flavour and a lot of clouds. Tangy Lychee is a very powerful flavour. The smell hits you with a zesty hint to it. The best way to describe Tangy Lychee is cool and refreshing. Close your eyes and this particular e-liquid can transport you to a sun-kissed beach with a gentle breeze blowing at your back. The flavour notes and the zest of the tangy lychee has a real calming effect – all that is missing is a cocktail to go with it. Lemon Cheesecake isn’t usually my go-to choice of dessert, however I may have to reconsider my thinking process as E-Sheesh have captured the taste impeccably well with this product. In some e-liquids I regularly find that one flavour overpowers the others and this could easily happen in a lemon cheesecake liquid. I am happy to report that there is no such problem here – E-Sheesh have done a great job in getting the balance of the individual elements just right. A great liquid with a zesty feeling to it, zesty and easy to vape. Jammie Marmalade Fusion This e-liquid has to be one of my favourites to date. The flavour denotes sweet apricot jam coupled with a savoury taste of buttered toast to create the finished product. There isn’t much of a throat hit as this is a very smooth liquid. Coupled with your favourite hot beverage, this e-liquid is perfect for those cold winter mornings. The flavours complement each other and reflect the authentic jam on toast taste. The Jammie Marmalade Fusion is a perfect blend of two classic flavours that creates an essential vape. 198 | VM21 Tutti Fruity Candy Tutti Fruity Candy hits you with notes of blackcurrant and strawberry on the first inhale. The flavour is rich and very satisfying indeed. It is clear that the flavour elements have been chosen with care and mixed to perfection. The taste tickles the back of your throat which is exactly what you would get if you were biting into a mouthful of juicy fruits so I can say that Tutti Fruity Candy works really well indeed for me. This is another juice which reminds me of summer, but it is one you will want to vape all year round.