Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 192

REVIEWS REVIEW BY PEACHES ATKINSON MY CHEESECAKES RASPBERRY RIPPLE PG/VG ratio: 30/70 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild A subtly sweet and enticing dessert flavour, there is a delectably rich and creamy sensation straight from the outset which is carried on throughout the whole vaping experience. During inhalation, a soft yet indulgent note of sweet raspberry is most noticeable. It comes across as incredibly smooth and very similar to a raspberry sauce, although I found the e-liquid to be more on the decadent, sweet side rather than the sharp or sour side. After the wave of fruity, syrupy flavours, a creamier element came into play. Straight away, I noticed a mild yet whole-tasting cheesecake flavour. I felt that the smooth and velvety undertones of the cheesecake were carefully blended together with a sweet and almost savoury, crumbled biscuit base. Together, the rich raspberry is balanced by the soft and creamy cheesecake, followed up with a buttery biscuit that wraps up all of the different flavours in a satisfying and well-designed manner. PINK SWEETY’S PG/VG ratio: 30/70 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild A fantastically realistic strawberry-based chewy candy, Pink Sweety’s is here to make your mouth water. Initially there is a strong blast of sugary strawberry that comes across as having an almost bubblegum edge to it. In contrast to the other flavours in this line, the constituents to this e-liquid are far simpler and uncomplicated but, by no means, does that imply that this e-liquid is poor or unsavoury, in fact perhaps the opposite. It is not spoiled with unnecessary complicated flavours, it is just a modest yet extraordinarily palatable candy flavoured e-liquid. Due to its mild profile, I felt that Pink Sweety’s is a perfect all-day-vape, and it is rather difficult to become tired or overwhelmed by it. 192 | VM21 BUENO CHEESECAKE PG/VG ratio: 30/70 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild A firm favourite of mine, a sweet and nutty chocolate bar, has finally been incorporated into a creamy and luscious cheesecake, but in e-liquid form. At first, I had doubts, as I know how incredibly challenging it can be to get a chocolate e-liquid flavour right. However, as soon as I tasted it, all of those doubts were blown away by the perfectly executed hazelnut, cocoa and creamy combinations. The likeness to the real dessert is extraordinary. The chocolate is a milky, smooth and rich set of flavours. The hazelnut is more similar to a sweet hazelnut butter rather than an actual, roasted nut. It has a very understated but wholesome edge to it, and I feel that this gives this e-liquid a unique and difficult- to-recreate profile. The cheesecake taste takes a bit of a back seat with this e-liquid. You can still clearly notice it, however the chocolate and nut flavours are certainly more prominent. Overall, I found this e-liquid to be luxuriously sweet and realistic. It was so well concocted, all the flavour components balanced out one another and I could tell that it had been produced with great care. STRAWBERRY WATERMELON LEMONADE PG/VG ratio: 30/70 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate A crisp, flavour-packed lemonade e-liquid, this one is going to really appeal to fruit and cold/menthol lovers. First, when inhaling, you get a blast of mild iciness, closely followed by a sharp but sweet lemonade. As you begin to exhale, a touch of subtle strawberry bridges the gap between the lemonade and the mellow, juicy watermelon. The blast of koolada is very noticeable just after exhaling and gives you that unmistakeable icy sensation on the back of your throat. In conclusion, another fantastic choice for a refreshing, summer vape, but can also be enjoyed all year round. STRAWBERRY PG/VG ratio: 30/70 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild I have been able to try out quite a few strawberry cheesecake flavours during my time as a vaper, and all are slightly different. This one was definitely up there amongst the best. The primary thing you notice when vaping this e-liquid, is the sharp and tangy jam- like taste of strawberry on the inhale. The soft and delicate cheesecake tastes mildly of vanilla and takes a more relaxed approach in terms of flavour. It quietly counteracts the more pronounced, fruitier notes. Like the other e-liquids in this line, there is a sweet and gentle undertone of a digestive biscuit base. There is also a fluffy, whipped cream taste that mellows out all of the other flavours. This e-liquid brings lots of separate flavours to the table, and sometimes, it can get a bit complicated. Nevertheless, I found these to work relatively well when combined into an e-liquid. BLUE’Z PG/VG ratio: 30/70 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate A fruity, tart berry-based e-liquid, Blue’z is an exceedingly refreshing vape. There are definitive tones of sour blueberry and sweet blue raspberry. The blueberry is slightly less pronounced than the raspberry, although both present themselves as vital parts of this exciting flavour. When vaping this e-liquid, the berry elements become intermingled, and are closely followed by a cool, icy sensation. The iciness of this e-liquid gives it a satisfying throat hit and adds to the invigorating nature of this e-liquid. While this is a great flavour to vape in the summertime you will find that Blue’z can be enjoyed all year round. The fact that this e-liquid didn’t involve too many rich flavour ingredients meant that it would be an ideal candidate for people who enjoy mild or flavours that were not overly sweet.