Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 186

REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES MANGO TWIST – MANGO CREAM DREAM VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate | Throat hit: Mild Mango dessert vapes are few and far between, but Twist E-liq- uid tackle this elusive profile head on with Mango Cream Dream. The mango here is very authentic and perfectly ripe, just what you’d expect from Daddy’s Vapor. This is not the usual candied portrayal and instead provides a soft sweetness and some deep earthy tropical notes to the blend. This is accompanied by a lux- urious cream base, which enhances the natural creamy notes of the mango, whilst seriously boosting the volume and mouth-feel of the profile. There seems to be some very mild notes of vanilla here too, which is a great pairing with the rest of what’s going on here. Mango Cream Dream is a solid choice for fans of dessert flavours who are looking for something a bit more exotic. COOKIE TWIST – FROSTED SUGAR COOKIE: VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: High | Throat hit: Mild Cookie Twist is a simple but classic dessert profile from the Twist E-liquid team. The top note here is a bright, sweet vanilla frost- ing, which coats the palate with its sticky mouth-feel. This is defi- nitely leaning heavily towards confectionery vanilla rather than a slightly darker natural rendition. The top note is supported by a heavy bakery base, which tastes spot on to a freshly baked butter cookie. This adds a bit of texture to the mouth-feel and stops the sweeter top note from becoming too cloying, but still keeps things simple. Frosted Sugar Cookie is well-suited to vapers looking for a simple and sweet dessert flavour. If you like American cookies, give this one a go. LEMON TWIST X STRAWBERRY QUEEN STRAWBERRY MASON LEMONADE VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Throat hit: Mild | Additional sweetener: High Lemon Twist have become one of the most well-known brands in the US vaping scene, and they have reached similar levels of success in the UK as well. Strawberry Mason Lemonade is the result of a collaboration with their sister company, Strawberry Queen, so is this the best of both worlds? The top note here is the same hone-style lemonade that made the original Lemon Twist so popular. It doesn’t pull any punches with sweetness, but still retains that extra dimension found in the original. This is complemented by a less potent strawberry note, which acts as a nice contrast to the lemon. It has some connotations of a ripe strawberry but comes across as more of a candied interpretation. This is a blend packed with flavour, ideal for vapers with a sweet tooth. FRUIT TWIST – TROPICAL PUCKER PUNCH VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Throat hit: Mild | Additional sweetener: High Billed as a tropical medley, this is a slightly enigmatic blend from the Fruit Twist team. The top note is a bright candy pineapple. It has a slight tartness that you would expect from the real fruit, but also brings plenty of sticky candy sweetness to the mix. This is complemented by an equally bright candy orange that turns up the tropical connotations a notch or two and adds some depth to the mix. The profile is finished with a mild mixed berry accent. This brings some darker sweetness to the blend without interfer- ing with the brighter top notes or confusing the palate. At a guess, this seems to be strawberry and perhaps blueberry, but it is diffi- cult to say, as these are not the strongest flavours in the profile. Another great option for fruit fans who like sweeter vapes. SUNRISE SMOOTHIE A delicious and realistic blend of sweet, creamy banana and smooth strawberries. I found this flavour to taste exactly like a real smoothie, and not at all artificial. The banana presents itself as mild, but holds enough flavouring in it to add a unique and well- rounded element to this e-liquid. The banana is most prominent during inhalation, and it offers a balanced and subtle sweetness. As you hold the vapour in your lungs, the smooth strawberry comes into play. The most accurate way to describe the notes of strawberry would have to be wholesome, slightly tangy and this complements the banana perfectly. This is closely followed by a subtle creaminess that really wraps up the other flavours in a very satisfying way. Easily the best strawberry and banana flavour I have ever tried. GRAHAM FINALE A one-of-a-kind flavour, Graham Finale is a Graham cracker coated with strawberry jelly. You can certainly pick up on a fruity, edgy strawberry jam, followed closely by a sweet, and sugary cinnamon biscuit. The cinnamon is soft and complementary to the ever-so-slightly sharp strawberry jelly. It comes across as incredibly smooth and incredibly easy to vape. The jam elements are more potent, especially when combined with the sweeter element of a cinnamon biscuit. What I appreciated most about this juice would be the full on, but not overwhelming, way it vapes. It has just the right amount of sweetness, without becoming overly potent. I could definitely see this as an all-day vape. This is a high VG e-liquid, meaning it’s ideal for sub-ohm setups. Expect great cloud production. 186 | VM21