Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 182

REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES SLUSHY QUEEN APPLEGIZER YUMMY DOOH SLUSHY QUEEN – INDIGO FLOW Described as a frozen apple and kiwi energy drink, Applegizer is a unique profile that I’ve not come across before. Apple is the most prominent note here and it has elements of both candied and natural crisp Fuji. It’s a bright, tart top note which is rounded out well by a more reserved kiwi accent that brings some slightly deeper body to the mix. The energy drink aspect of Applegizer is more of a background note and this is probably for the best, since the bold apple and kiwi works so well. The mix is finished with a moderate icy coolant, which really enhances the bright profile here. Applegizer should please any fruit fan. PJ Empire describe Yummy Dooh as a raspberry glazed doughnut with a strawberry filling. Doughnut e-liquids have become very popular over the years, but all too often become sickly sweet in a short space of time. Yummy Dooh is slightly more reserved than what you might expect from such a profile. This is a well-balanced mix with no single dominant flavour. A combination of syrup like strawberry and more natural raspberry are the top notes here. This is a tried and tested combination and it works well in this case. The doughnut and bakery notes are more subtle than what we normally find, but they still bring substantial sweetness and density to the mix. This is a competent doughnut e-liquid that will be enjoyed by vapers with a penchant for all things sweet. Indigo Flow is described as a blend of blackcurrant, berries and grapes, with a cooling finish. Fruit and coolant blends make up for a large portion of the e-liquid market these days, so does this one stand out? A rich candied blackcurrant is the top note here. It brings a good amount of sticky sweetness to the mix, but also carries some of the darker sweetness you might expect from a more natural rendition of the fruit. This is complemented well by a berry medley, which turns the brightness up a notch and also enhances the sweeter top notes. There’s also a subtle grape accent here, which works well with the deeper notes of the blackcurrant. The profile is finished with a moderately strong coolant which does not impart any menthol flavour. This is a great fruit blend with tonnes of all day vape potential. VG/PG RATIO: 70/30 ADDITIONAL SWEETENER: MINIMAL THROAT HIT: MILD, WITH COOLING 182 | VM21 VG/PG RATIO: 70/30 ADDITIONAL SWEETENER: MINIMAL THROAT HIT: MILD VG/PG RATIO: 70/30 ADDITIONAL SWEETENER: MINIMAL THROAT HIT: MILD, WITH COOLING