Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 178

REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES KAPKA’S THE BARBER LAST WORD VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild RED DEATH VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild, with cooling DRUNKEN PUDDING VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild ‘Last Word’ is described as a pistachio pudding-styled vape. This is quite a sophisticated profile to aim for, so have Kapka’s Flava done it justice? The top note here is a strong nut mix. If I wasn’t aware that this was a pistachio vape, I might not have picked it out, but there is a distinct nutty flavour permeating through the blend. This brings a nice dark sweetness to the profile, along with an almost salty accent, which I have personally not experienced before in the context of an e-liquid. The nutty top notes are supported by a satisfying but light pudding base which adds a nice dense mouth-feel to the mix, whilst amplifying the overall sweetness on offer. The pudding base also imparts some subtle eggy notes, which further compliment the rich top notes. This is an interesting dessert e-liquid, ideal for a vaper looking for something that’s a bit different. This is a simpler fruit profile from Kapka’s Flava. Billed as a mix of strawberry, raspberry and coolant, if executed properly this should be a light and refreshing vape. In a similar vein to Cold Blood, the top note here is a hybrid ripe/candy strawberry. It brings the same bright sweetness to this mix but features more prominently as it competes with less ingredients. This is complemented superbly with a more subtle candied raspberry. This element brings a solid tartness to the mix, and further enhances the brightness of the strawberry component. The mix is finished with a moderately strong coolant which does not interfere with the flavour profile whatsoever. The result is a basic but very pleasant fruit vape, which should be a crowd pleaser. Kapka’s Flava describe ‘Drunken Pudding’ as a creamy pudding with a dash of rum and light biscuit finish. Alcohol inspired flavours are notoriously hard to balance, so when they work, it’s a sign of great mixology. The top note here is a warm, rich vanilla that brings a pleasant sweetness to the blend. This is supported by a dense, creamy pudding base that adds substantial body to the mix, along with a luxurious mouth-feel. Alone this would already be a fantastic desert vape, but the additional accents make for a rather unique profile. The rum is subtle but brings a dark boozy sweetness to the pudding, without overpowering other elements. As described by the manufacturer, the biscuit finish is light, but imparts texture with its mellow bakery notes. This is a very well balanced and unique desert blend. THORN VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate. Throat hit: Mild, with cooling GOOD JUJU VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild COLD BLOOD VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild, with cooling ‘Thorn’ has been a rather popular flavour in the German vaping community for some time now. Described as a blend of dragon fruit, pomegranate, blueberry, green tea and coolant, this is another unconventional profile from the mixologists at Kapka’s Flava. Pomegranate and blueberry seem to be the most prominent elements of the mix. This is a classic pairing that works fantastically in this case, with a blend of sweet, sour and earthy notes. The dragon fruit component is more subdued but does help tie the rest of the profile together with its tropical sweetness. The green tea notes are quite present and work very nicely with the fruit top notes, without dominating the profile. Instead this just serves to make Thorn all the more unique. The mix is finished with a moderately strong blast of coolant, imitating the sensation of drinking a freshly made iced beverage. Cheesecake profiles are usually among the heaviest of dessert e-liquids, but this is not the case here. Instead, the fruit toppings take centre stage. A baked blackcurrant is most prominent, it brings a good helping of sweetness to the profile, along with some hints of its natural earthiness. This is contrasted well by a natural lemon which provides a pleasant hint of zesty sharpness, along with a light sweetness that runs counter to the heavier blackcurrant. The cheesecake element of Good Juju is actually rather subtle. Although you can taste a mild dairy background note and biscuit base, it is more of an accent than anything else. The result is a mellow desert vape which is very light. Good Juju may be a great option for those who are usually put off by heavier desert vapes. Described as a blend of strawberry, red apple, cranberry and black tea with a cooling finish, ‘Cold Blood’ is at the very least an unconventional e-liquid profile. Ripe strawberry is the top note here. It’s somewhere between an authentic strawberry and a more candied take, bringing a vibrant sweetness and some juicy notes to the mix. This is contrasted nicely with a startlingly authentic red apple flavour that cuts through the strawberry with some sharper notes. Cranberry is much less prominent in the mix but is certainly noticeable and brings a welcome tartness to this fruit medley. A subtle black tea accent lurks in the background and does a great job of separating Cold Blood from other fruit medley e-liquids which its dark, earthy flavour. A moderately strong coolant finishes the profile and ensures a light and refreshing vape every time. A must try for fruit fans. 178 | VM21