Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 176

REVIEWS REVIEW BY CONNOR DIMBERLINE CUSH MAN ASAP GRAPE BAD BLOOD Cush man is a mango flavoured juice with summery fruits and tropical fusions with a slight icy menthol undertone. On the first inhale the mango flavour fights its way through the other flavour profiles delivering a strong succulent tropical flavour and the aftertaste leaves a refreshing, punchy menthol taste. The salt-based nicotine inside this juice will give you a strong throat hit. The sweet mango flavour helps soften the inhale, so it goes down a smooth and creamy treat. If mango is one of your go-to flavours, then this juice would be a welcome entry to your juice collection. This is described as a ripe berry blended with other assorted fruits alike which produces this delicious grape juice. Before I even heated the coil, I could smell the sweet grape flavour from the wick fill the air, so I knew this was going to be a strong and potent flavour profile. On the initial hit I immediately noticed the richness of the grape flavour come through, however with the presence of the other fruit flavours it balances it out preventing it from becoming too strong or sickly. Asap grape is an impressive grape juice which I would highly recommend to anyone looking for that specific grape hit. In terms of blackcurrant flavours out there on the market at the moment this by far has to be one of my favourites. For me blackcurrant flavoured juices are always a hit or miss as sometimes they can remind me of cough sweets. Bad Blood, however, is definitely a hit. The blackcurrant flavouring is not sickly or sugary but more subtle and flavoursome that tastes like the real thing as if the raspberry was plucked straight from the bush and squeezed into the bottle. The throat hit I get from these nic salts are not as strong as the others, for me it goes down much smoother. SLOW BLOW Slow Blow is described as a gorgeous blend of pineapple and lime soda flavour. When vaping this juice, I noticed how the soda fizzes and crackles on the tongue, the salt nic version of this juice delivers a powerful throat hit that really hits the spot. The bitter sweetness of the pineapple flavour harmonises well with the tangy soda which ensures that each hit is as refreshing and zesty as the last. On the inhale I get the taste of the complex blend of lime and soda flavours then the cool menthol aftertaste which really calms the richness of the pineapple flavour making this a great ADV. 176 | VM21 SICKO BLUE Sicko blue’s flavour profile is described as tasting of freshly plucked raspberries, full of flavour with raspberry bursting to life on every pull. With fruity flavoured e-liquid being a personal favourite, I was excited to try it for myself. Immediately on the first pull, I noticed how light and airy the taste was. It was subtly sweet yet still very flavoursome, a juice I could easily keep refilling my tank with and not be sick of by the end of the day. The berry flavour profile is very apparent and mouth-wateringly good, I can definitely picture myself vaping this on a sunny day.