Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 175

Device specifications Pod Capacity: 2ml Battery: 1200mAh Ultrasonic frequency: 3.0MHz Charge Time: <1.5hr Dimensions: 94 x 34 x 20mm – – Good open pod lifespan. Big device for small battery cell capacity. The ideal solution to an easy transition from smoking to vaping is mouth-to- lung vaping (MTL), which closely imitates the sensations and nicotine delivery of smoking. Last year saw a growing popularity with MTL pod systems as either open or closed pod systems. USONICIG kicked off 2019 along the same lines with the new and innovative ZIP kit. The ZIP is an open pod system unlike any other. It utilises the ultrasonic vape technology of the Rhythm kit but on a smaller scale. This ultrasonic vape technology saw USONICIG win an award for outstanding contribution to the vape industry at the Vapouround Awards last year. Since then, the technology has been developed further and is even more efficient. The ZIP pod system is one of the larger pod systems on the market but fits the hand nicely. The design is sleek and ergonomically sound. The device features a 2ml capacity, replaceable open pod held securely to the battery with magnets. Each pod is stated to have the lifespan of around 5,000 puffs, so each pod should endure well over one month of MTL vaping. The kit is very tidy and has a simple single button function making the device effortless and easy to transition from smoking. The ZIP is totally fool-proof. The pods have a simple 90°right-angle twist function that reveals the fill holes which are of a brilliantly wide diameter ideal for 10ml bottles, making the filling mess free providing that the max fill line is adhered to. The device has a modest 1200mAh that sees each charge lasting for the best part of a day with infrequent use. But the charge time is only up to an hour so there’s no worry if the battery depletes. The ZIP is reliable at delivering a smooth vape with modest flavour intensity, regular for pod devices. I would advise that the device is fired up for a second before you draw a pull to give the most efficient experience. The pod vaporises the liquid with a 3.0MHz ultrasonic frequency so the output isn’t as instant as coil-based pods/atomisers. I am actually impressed with the vaping experience provided from the ZIP. Patience is key with this innovative technology; as for a more intense hit, a lengthier pull is required. The MTL experience is soft and not too restrictive. For best results with this device I would advise sticking with 50/50 VG/PG nic salts, although the device is fully compatible with CBD liquids too. This device is an easy-going vape to start any smoking cessation journey or even just as a handy pocket size vape alternative for travelling. VM21 | 175